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Refined bulk goods

I stand corrected and get the STFU.

And here I thought I added some new angels besides the ever present Murderhobo/Carebear discussion. But if that is how you feel …

How on earth do you correlate what I wrote with a "STFU"? Where do I dismiss your viewpoints or indicate that you cant express yourself/try to shut you down????

You stressed multiple and implied that I tried didnt understand that we dont know whats coming up.

I just try to gauge the current situation, I dont have a holding so I have to ask how it currently work…

Thanks for the kind word Brigs, they warm my tattered soul!
Schedim: Peddler and dealer in stuff easily transported, restless wandering the land of the River. Trying to find out how to reawaken the cult of Hanspur. To realise this ambition I created the company named Rats of Hanspur.
You can reach me on:
… my tattered soul!

With my crucified delusions of some messianic grandeur furled at half-mast with the remnants of my torn and tattered heart, I would beg for your forgiveness in my final hour of darkness as this pen falls from my fingers and my soul, in peace, departs.
Nihimon murmurs in sheer ecstasy as the magic courses through his veins
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