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PvP window length bug?

Elsworth Sugarfoot
As I was plotting my takeover of hammerfall I noticed it only had a 26 minute pvp window.

This post from Lee led me to believe that 60 minutes would be the minimum window?
Ryan Dancey
This is not a bug. Early Enrollment v10.1 has not been deployed.
As Ryan said, a lot of this stuff isn't rolling out until 10.1, or at least won't be relevant until holdings and outposts can be captured as part of 10.1.

However, there actually is a small bug here, whereby existing settlements are retaining their old PvP window lengths until they update their settlement levels. For settlements with holdings, we doubt anyone will leave their settlement level at 9 for long, though some may have had issues with paying their upkeep the first time around. Hopefully this will all clear up the next time settlement upkeep gets paid.

Once holding/outpost capture is turned on, please let us know if someone you're attempting to capture holdings/outposts from has a shorter PvP window than they should. We can use a GM command to force the windows to update.
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