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Observations from GenCon

PFU Hoffman
Just thought I would share some observations and thoughts from GenCon.

1. Thank you to all who helped, both in person (Kenton Stone, Mistwalker, Nails, Quij, others) and in game (too many to list).
2. For those who were not there, GW had a booth directly across from the Paizo booth and main entrance. The booth included a 50" (or so) live feed of the game. To provide content to view (as watching us craft is not too exciting) GW spawned Elementals (and provided a free 1 time teleport to the event). Although it admittedly is a bit off to do such a one off, it was for the best of the community and shared with everyone. You probably needed to see the crowds 15+ deep watching to really get the impact.
3. Because of both the help and the demo, we handed out over 1500 free trial cards (in addition to signing people up in person). These are not people we were forcing to take cards but people who expressed interest. If even half show up in game that would be amazing.
4. Most people (Paizo customers included) were not aware of just how far the game has come and were impressed/excited.
5. There was some great feedback from the crowd (including an artist giving unsolicited positive feedback about the grass). The mechanics, graphics, design, community, etc, all got positives.
6. Explaining the game took a different approach for the different audiences. If I could have a buck for every time we said "eve with swords" or "like kingmaker online" I'd be rich.
7. Tink can come to the US and not stab anyone. (although I was scared for a moment)

Anyone else who was at GenCon have comments?

On a personal note, I realized how much the community backs the game, and how invested we all are in it. I think at times we need to give GW a break and find ways to help them. The fact that we had members from across the map (Aragon, Callambea, Forgeholm, High Road Covenant and University Commons) volunteer to help was a great first start.
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Brighthaven Leader
I really wish I could have been there!

I did about 4 hours or so of elementals!
Thank you all for all of your hard work and support!
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Just Dak
It was nice to meet and chat with you Hoff. You certainly held down the fort, and thanks for that
Give me a reasonable despot any day. Someone that constantly reminds everyone that they are virtuous and honorable can not be trusted to be either. If you are good we will know by your deeds, if you are reasonable we will know by our deals.
Sadly the Gencon daylight hours were the wee hours of the morning here in Australia so was not able to get involved personally though I think other members of Keepers Pass from more compatible timezones did make it up there over the weekend.

Well done it sound it sounds like you have all done the game proud.

Quijenoth Starkiller
I had a great time at Gen Con and was amazed by how much interest the Goblinworks booth received. I used the Booth as a point of contact for me and my son and every time we met up there was people of all ages giving the game a go and chatting with Hoffman or Lisa.

One of the interesting questions that came up was the dreaded Linux request and people where very happy to hear the answer was yes!

There is definitely a different feel about the community Goblinworks has compared to other MMOs I have been a part of.
Quijenoth Starkiller Viceroy of Callambea
Company Leader of Beyond the Grave -
Crafting Planner
I have made a few runs with my characters. The first was weird, my group was 1 guy from a group that I don't know, 4 Nightcrawlers and my character with the Echo woodseman. At the time Nightcrawlers and Echo woodsman where having a feud, but all did run smoothly.

An interesting thing is that while in the same group we were blue to each other and I was able to heal them and vice versa.
Tink says Stab
There were some nice pictures of settlement stuff. We saw one of the potential new settlement layouts, and it looked way better than what we have now.

The people were really nice. It was great meeting Hoffman and Lisa, plus the other guys manning the booth.

And I was surprised by just how many people were taking the little 15 day trial thingies. It will be interesting to see just how many translate into trial accounts, and then players.
Tink quivers in sheer euphoria as the dank memes course through his fedora
Paizo did a smart thing by putting their checkout booth ten feet away from the 50" screen so that the 50ish people waiting in line for 30 minutes had nothing to do but watch and wonder what they were watching. Many meandered over after checking out. Elementals was definitely the best escalation (as far as pleasing to the eye) that could be spawned.
Quijenoth Starkiller

One of the interesting questions that came up was the dreaded Linux request and people where very happy to hear the answer was yes!


True, you can run it on linux and happy they got it working again on linux.
But without a no real guide or UI to get started or patch the game, since the patcher only release with no real instructions on how to execute it.
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