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Tyv Blodvaerd of Aragon
Mourn Blackhand
Good enough for me…. Have your kind of fun, I would just stay away from killing players that are not part of any settlement and/or PFU new players. Some of the PFU elders are capable enough to defend themselves. The blood stone swords are the Devs and they use PFU as their settlement for training and support.…they could always use a little more danger and excitement in the world… At least we all have Pharasma…

I can see why this may set off some alarms in new player's minds. Why do devs need training and support? Can't they just "create" their characters, gear them to Tier 3? Are they actually participating in playing, or are they just observing and moderating (when needed)?

It is one thing for the devs to play with players during Alpha or on the test server, another in EE (that won't be wiped). That is a public image disaster waiting to happen, was nothing learned from CCP / BOB affair?

A possible PR disaster like false stuff being posted on other MMO forums? The Dev's company "inside" PfO AND their transparency concerning it speaks volumes. Is there a better way to see and feel the game than playing it from scratch like the player base does? Is there a better choice than a completely non aggressive, public service oriented settlement to operate from?

Their options are: 1. Do not play the game and don't get a first hand look at it from a player's perspective. 2. Play the game and don't tell anyone. 3. Play and make their own settlement. 4. Play from scratch. Be transparent about it. Join a settlement without a political agenda.

Number 2 and 3 look like the potential PR nightmares to me. If the others are as well, it would only be misinformation fed to sheep that read everything and believe it is truth. I feel like most MMOers, that would be interested in PfO are savvy enough to see that. In fact, most MMOers are that smart in all cases.
Virtute et Armis
Duffy Swiftshadow
Good post and great info from you about your point of view. I was one you fought in Forgeholm and you healed faster and beat me in the fight. I'm not crying about it. I though that was part of the game to find people and fight them. Some got upset and whatever.

As far as killing new players and making them men. I can see how someone who wants to see this game succeed could get mad about that as they feel it will make players not want to play and lower the player base and maybe wreck the game from being viable.

Anyways not sure I agree with the ban from your point of view, I don't know the other but hope to see you back in the game sometime and we can battle again. smile

Just to clarify, he hasn't been banned from the game, just some player controlled stuff. Side effect of meta politics.
Devs should never openly play with their customers in a competitive mmo.
Brighthaven Leader
I agree Dreaden, when Lisa was attaching Bloodstone swords to Brighthaven, I told her that she should move it, because it could cause all kinds of drama and backlash towards GW. I thought what might work better for them, because this is a community driven game, is to attach it to different settlements and work with their people for a period of time, kind of like an extension of the Keepside Chats, but experiencing what each settlement goes through, politically and economically. The other option was to make anon characters and seed them into the community.
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Duffy Swiftshadow
But they should secretly play? I find that far worse and more potential for issues.

They should play their own game or they will not have the proper experience and frame of reference to understand the players and make decisions. But at the same time the best way to do that is to do so in an open and transparent way so that we can point at them and say 'oh that's the devs' and if they do something unethical it's obvious and laid out before everyone.

Doing so in the least competitive form and using a neutral and ambivalent settlement to do so is fine. At least until factions are out, then I would expect them to join a faction to stay away from the limited but potential settlement to settlement conflict.
Baron Malthius
Honestly I'm glad they are up front about it.

Also, this also gives them some more hands on testing. At this stage of EE this is still more or less an alpha.
Tyv Blodvaerd of Aragon
Baron Malthius
Honestly I'm glad they are up front about it.

Also, this also gives them some more hands on testing. At this stage of EE this is still more or less an alpha.

What they should do is "Observe", "Inquire" and "Moderate".

Baron, I know Ryan would strongly disagree with you that the game is in any kind of Alpha.
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Game Play: Escalations / Refining / Crafting / Defensive PVP
Apparently he likes to invent phrases for things that already exsist. Duffy, you're certainly entitled to your opinion, but I've played dozens of mmorpg's and it generally doesn't ended well for the employee's that openly play their own game. Personally, since the game is launched and no longer in a testing state I don't want to hear, see, smell, touch, or taste a GM unless they're getting me out of a hole.
Ya I have seen some pretty bad things happen in other games from Dev/GMs openly. Just better to avoid the whole situation. Examples, BOB EVE t2 BPO scandals. Darkfall, a player buying GM status. WOW GMs giving their friends stuff. EQ had same thing.

I'm not accusing them of anything, but to keep it professional should just keep them seperate when the time comes.
The Bloodstone Swords, which is the dev company, is attached to the University Commons. They have no members within our ranks, we have no members within their ranks. When they need something from us or we need something from them, we trade or sell/buy just as we would with any other company. At this point, I'm fairly sure (only she'd really know for sure) that Lisa has partied with probably every settlement on the map. The rest mostly seem to solo or do their regular Stone outings.

It is important for them to be playing this game to get the in-game experience. Without that, without them having to build up holdings of their own, they might not fully get just how difficult that can be. They play weekly so they know what we're going through as players. They're transparent about it so that people know exactly who they are and thus they're not playing favorites. There's no favors, no GM powers for those characters. They play just like the rest of us, find their recipes and earn their xp just like the rest of us.

And if that isn't enough then the defining moment of why them playing is important would be the now famous story of the Swords doing an escalation in the hex PFU calls Gamma (Forgeholm 3-3-4). Anyone who's played there knows that hex terrain is just… deplorable.

Apparently they were running and Mike (the art guru) said something along the lines of "This is horrible, who made this hex?" And of course the reply was "You did."

Them playing this game openly as they do is a pretty big part of crowdforging, and that is definitely one of the big pluses this game does right.
Aurora Silverstar, Pathfinder University Quartermaster & Explorer
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