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Golarion Mumble Policy

Caldeathe Baequiannia
Trusted users may request a ban of a user with support from at least one other trusted user. The ban will be left in place for 24 hours unless a case is made for why it should last longer. There are currently no banned users.

As with any future policy announcements, this is fully open to debate from the citizens of Golarion. I can't stop any admin from doing otherwise, but hope they will keep this in mind.
To reach me, email
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What is a "trusted user"?
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Someone I (personally) think is invested in the game, or who I've been assured is such by one of those people. That's why it's only 24 hours unless there's supporting evidence. I'd like the mumble to be as open as humanly reasonable.

(Edit: and to make this clear, I don't care what anyone's play style is. It's whether it appears their behaviour is hurtful to the game's success.)
To reach me, email
It is all a matter of degree.

In law, aggressive advocacy on behalf of a client is applauded but when lack of civility and courtesy crosses the point where it risk bringing the profession into disrepute you risk being disbarred.
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