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Want to Sell: Account

I want to sell my Destiny's Twin account.

It currently has two characters on it. One is a cleric 2/fighter 3 with 501187 XP unassigned, the other has no roles with 522887 XP unassigned.

The game time is paid up until 23rd August.

Having been involved from the KickStarter tech demo the account still has the following available on it:

1x New Player Pack
1x Alliance Pack
1x Regional Trait Pack
1x Class Pack

plus other stuff like: Shield Mate, Twice-Marked of Pharasma, and Memorial of Honor.

Willing to sell for US$300. Contact me at
Grim Onyxheart
You'd probably have more luck here

If you're selling a Leather-bound kickstarter Emerald Spire, I'd be interested in buying
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Recently a similar account sold for $250.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Recently a similar account sold for $250.
Maybe, but most of them are selling for close to that. Especially DT with almost all of their XP as that is.
To reach me, email
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