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Dev Blog: Combat Updates for Early Enrollment v10.1

Ryan Dancey
Players we've posted a blog describing the updates to the combat system for 10.1!
Is there a chance this will go live this weekend? In an earlier post Lee said it would be next week.
Ryan Dancey
It will not be deployed this weekend.
NOBODY expects the latest patch!

Our chief weapon is surprise…
surprise and fear… fear and surprise…

Our two weapons are fear and surprise …
short question about following:

Many passives had been somewhat “front-loaded” with benefit (e.g., sometimes the highest rank was only twice as good as the first rank). Given the ease and cheapness of acquiring low-rank feats, this created an incentive to just buy and slot them low. These have been changed to be less front-loaded (the maximum rank should be much better than the first rank). This did have the effect of reducing the bonus for the lower ranks of the feat in some cases.

Does the total sum of changes affect the 'power curve flatness', widening the gap between new and veteran player?
If it does, how is that ok?
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I have to say, everything in the official spreadsheets looks great. I went from not being very excited about what I saw planned for 10.1 to being quite eager for the 10.1a changes to go in. This is a win for everyone.
Cleric of Sarenrae
Duffy Swiftshadow
If anything I think they evened it out and made it less of a noob trap if you aren't paying super close attention to the XP cost for benefit break points.

The curve can exist, it just can't be too steep.
I'm pretty excited about this change, too*. Bringing in more solo, single-weapon combos sounds like fun to me. Must check the spreadsheets for short bow and dagger combo goodness.

Is the change to the Rogue Feature Feat Sanctified, making it actually give a benefit when the user has the Favored condition, still happening in 10.1a?

Leveling in Rogue has certainly been one of those "should have been competitive, but wasn't" decisions.

*One day, when it's no longer so easy to exploit the Reputation/Flag system in PVP, I'd love to see Friendly Fire return to the game (maybe as "safe" and "risky" versions of each AoE).
For the Fighter Penetrating strike feats, was the intent to take away everything except 'penetrating'? Penetrating simply has the effect of making a weapon less useless against heavy armor types.
Stephen Cheney
Yeah. Adding Base Damage without a conditional just has weird scalability issues, even assuming Base Damage is properly costed now. Penetrating Strike had the base damage previously when armor could get very high, and Penetrating alone might not help that much. Now that armor caps out at a level where you're almost never going to do 0 damage without an additional kicker, I rolled all the permanent base damage bonuses into more Damage Factor. This should generally have the effect of making them start weaker but finish stronger.

Penetrating Strike is also priced a little higher than usual for primary attacks, so you can slowly drain your stamina with it and it does consequently more damage. It's essentially a straightforward single-target pure damage attack (that gets a little better if your opponent has a lot of physical armor) for those that are into that kind of thing.
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