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Early Enrollment v10.1 Update Underway / Influence Adjusted

Ryan Dancey

The Early Enrollment v10.1 update is underway.

This morning we ran the script to fix influence errors with previous iterations of the Influence system. You may notice changes to your Company influence as a result.

The update is still processing. We'll let you know as soon as the game is ready for play.
How large is the patch?
HpoD - "I have, however, sat and watched as others took things more personally (on both sides) and became zealots, charging forward on a shining white horse into a pile of shit. Forum Warriors at their peak, striding the battlefield knee deep in the bloody, broken arguments of their adversaries before the burning village of their credibility….Chill guys. "
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Live now. We lost about 25 influence, but had plenty of spare capacity. Only took two-three minutes to update. My name now looks blue to me.
To reach me, email
the patch is 54.1MB.
decompresses to over 223MB
Ryan Dancey
Early Enrollment v10.1 has been deployed and is now ready for play!
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