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It's also a common business practice. If your product/service isn't selling. Sell it cheaper. They haven't announced it, but I think GW's retention of new players is pretty bad. Well based on the number of noobs I've helped. I assume the sub rate is really really low. I can't name a single person that I helped who actually subbed after 15 days.

It's attractive seeing a game that doesn't cost $15 but $5. You can train multiple characters for $15/month. That's even more tempting.
Ya I know how dual training works on EVE. I plex 14 accounts, and have for the past 3 years. I'm just saying maybe they can do something like EVE's DT but sell it cheaper? Or just add DT for same price even?

There are lots of people bored with their games, and seeing a new game with a cheaper sub is really attractive.

Look at KS and Steam Early Access. Bored people brought that shit into existence.
Well yeah but cheap games though are generally micro-transaction games. Yeah sure play cheap or for free BUT if you want real armor or arrows that actually hit - do we have a bargain for you this week … and we take paypal !!
Tyv Blodvaerd of Aragon
Goblin Works and most of the vocal, veterans that support the full cost and slow development of the game do not want that average EvE or DarkFall player. Some have actually said, they would rather the doors shut down than the game turn into a murder sim like those games.

The problem is, they will probably get what they are comfortable with. I don't even know what definition Open Enrollment will actually have attached to it. It seems to be an ever moving state of the game, that will likely never be reached (by design).

Even if, if! OE actually is something, the game will again be compared to others that were developed during the same time period, and the age of PFOs engine will be left in a 2009 state. The only way for PFO to attract players at the time of OE is to launch with a F2P model.

You have the shakiest grasp of the current MMO industry I have ever read someone out side of having the audacity to post.

EVE definitely isn't/wasn't/and never will be a murder sim as you know full well having evidently spent years carebearing in it.

PFO ever goes F2P it really will be dead.
Ya there's already a game on the market with F2P EVE-Clone aspects. Perpetuum Online. I played it from the start. It isn't for me. What killed it for me was the low pop/economy.

A lot of us hate F2P games. I hate what happened to Everquest 2. Now when you die you have pop up adds asking you to spend DBC ($) to repair your gear. Pretty lame. Every little nook and cranny they try to ping your wallet for something stupid. It's not needed in PFO, I'd rather pay $5-$10 for 5 accounts/month .
Quijenoth Starkiller
I only skimmed the thread so sorry if this idea has been brought up already.

What if the price stayed the same but they introduced a Lite Sub and added perks to full sub…


Lite Sub: $12,00 grants 1 months game time.
Full Sub: $15,00 grants 1 months game time and $5 worth of goblin balls each month.
Quijenoth Starkiller Viceroy of Callambea
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Another thing that might work would be discounted additional accounts for existing account holders, 2nd account is $10, 3rd $5, etc… and for referrals you get a month free on secondary accounts. I know playing my second characters would also be enhanced by opening up their experience gains, Id pay a couple bucks per to have them unlocked.
Elsworth Sugarfoot
Also the free trial should be 30 days, because that is around the time people get into tier2 and become competitive. Then gw needs to focus on things to do in the first 30 days.
If folks can get to Tier 2 on free accounts, they'll use them to harass other players with disposable accounts that never cost them any money.
Nihimon murmurs in sheer ecstasy as the magic courses through his veins
Why not try something new, since the development cycle is new more folks may be open to a new billing model as well.
We are in groups in game, the entire game is based on being involved with a group.
Why cant GW offer group rates?
I Don’t want to go crazy and have groups of 100 for billing discounts, but if you offer a group rate for people , and reduce the amount each person subs based length of the sub , you may be able to draw in some organized groups that way.
Something like a 1 month group rate for 6 $12 each account, 3 month rate for group of 6 for $11, etc ..
Can expand the discount with the size of the group..
1 month sub for group of 12 + would be $10 / account, and go down from there could potentially get it to around 7 or 8 bucks for a year for 12 + subscribers..
Make it an initial billing period thing for first time subscription for the account and see if it works to attract some groups into the game..
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based on the number of noobs I've helped.

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