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Nerf Nakeds


'Large scale' pvp right now is being won by people without armour. Please add a serious decrease in combat effective for those people out of armour.

Right now the consensus seems to be that armour is the 'chokepoint' item so having that nerf the rest of a setup when you aren't wearing any will help the current large scale fights to have a meaningful win condition. The current EBA doctrine seems to be foci, weapons and expendables while naked. Minus EPOW, minus damage, minus attack, etc. etc. should sort it out.
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Current Meta is run in with naked alts with wands to heal while doing dps on a main

This highlights the 2 most OP things at this time

Cleric heals
Naked player durability
Also the fact the shrine was pretty much in the battlefield.. it was 100% impossible to ever get all of one side away form the holding..another 1hr long deathmatch.
I have to say, PFO has some of the weirdest PvP battles I've ever seen in a game.

These holding battles are basically like if in EVE a corp was assaulting a pos, and the other team held off a bunch of cap ships with hordes of pods. hilarious
Fighting in locations that don't have a shrine next to the outpost would help alleviate a lot, since armorless characters have no defense or resistance.
Just Dak
I saw more than a few running into a blob at least not using their weapon/implements/whatever. If they had it they weren't using it. I also saw a few that never started the fight with armor, but just enough to heal. Seems like skipping meaningful consequence when you add it to close respawn shrines.

It's just gimpy, even without the shrine issue. If that's the way we want to roll I guess everyone will adapt, but I can't say it leaves the warm fuzzies. Maybe it will open up the market for healbot peasants to join the highest bidding side.
It also seems silly to suggest that the best solution is to not attack the holdings that are arbitrarily protected via poor shrine placement. No outpost should be default protected by a poor game system, otherwise everyone will always put outposts as close to a shrine as possible.
Give me a reasonable despot any day. Someone that constantly reminds everyone that they are virtuous and honorable can not be trusted to be either. If you are good we will know by your deeds, if you are reasonable we will know by our deals.
Meh. The locations of the outposts and shrines aren't our decision to make, and I'm sure it was just a coincidence that the last couple of EoX attacks were at outposts adjacent to shrines.
Actually it was Mr. Smartypants. I was the one who made the decision on were to attack. I picked the hex with 1 outpost in it. We got that outpost, then YOU guys put another down, so we had to cap if anything YOU picked were the fight would be. smile
.. if your gunna play capture the flag …
ooo put this in other thread before i saw this topic ..

In regards to a no armor strat….
Quick fix,
If a character slots no armor, give any attack that hits that character a +50 base damage increase. Equipping a weapon /sword/ wand/ staff and running head long into battle wearing nothing but your undies should not be a viable tactic. All it should do is get you dead fast.
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