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Nerf Nakeds

What about -25 critical resist?
Elsworth Sugarfoot
Just fix the respawn thing. 2 birds 1 stone
naked = void of clothing
nekkid = void of clothing and you're up to something naughty

lot of nekkid folks from one team on Wednesday night (see Doc's video) with naughty = still helping stop the counter from ticking up

Is this "as intended"?

fast forward to Thursday with the stealth outpost placement (cheese move by EBA - but that was GW fault for not implementing an outpost-placement cooldown in a hex after it is taken like they said they would) and the not-nekkid-just-no-armor method was introduced (smart move by EBA)

a fix could be that no nekkid player counts for the outpost/holding ticker
I like this method: no armor: 0 ticks, T1: 1 tick, T2: 2 ticks, T3: 3 ticks

So if attackers have 15 T2 and 5 naked, and defenders have 10 T2 and 20 naked, attackers would uptick 10 per second. Easy. Peasy. Lemon-squeezy.
Tyv Blodvaerd of Aragon
Someday maybe they will actually have gear threading. I mean, that was one of the earliest systems described that would have made PFO a bit different, and it was not even remotely close to MVP.
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In those videos sent to GW, they should pay attention to ungeared players who run into the enemy or between the enemy and their friends just to slow the enemy's tab-targeting.

That seems to clearly violate the don't be a jerk rule.

I understand ungeared players staying in the capture zone for capture points (though I'd crowdforge that people with no gear shouldn't count towards capture points).

But simply putting your ungeared self in the way to slow the enemy's tab targeting is an exploit.

I'd actually like GW to tell ungeared players to leave the battlefield. Note, I'm specifically talking ungeared rather than unarmored. If we haven't killed you enough that you still can present a weapon, then we obviously need to kill you some more.
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Quijenoth Starkiller
We had the thought in TS today about possibly of penalizing naked players on their resistances - perhaps if all your resistances where at -20 across the board if you are not wearing any armor.. If you cant do -20 for whatever coding reason then simply up damage by 20 across the board, and raise armor resistances to match.

No armor = 0 physical, 0 energy
cloth = 20 physical, 52 energy
light = 32 physical, 40 energy
medium = 44 physical, 32 energy
heavy = 52 physical, 20 energy
Quijenoth Starkiller Viceroy of Callambea
Company Leader of Beyond the Grave -
Crafting Planner
Not sure why people are so focused on the naked player's DEFENSES. The problem isn't that they live to long, because they die just fine. The problem is how much capability they can bring to the field in damage and heals.
Not a member, representative, or supporter of Brighthaven Alliance.
I think the solution to our problem is have a stern talking to this Pharasma person I keep hearing in my head when I fall down.
I think something that would fix this issue would be to have unarmored combatants not count for purposes of ticks and combine that with not being able to respawn in a current PvP hex
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