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Windoze 10

I am not pushing.

I would suspect it is not stable enough to even start testing.

Still it can not be much worse than the v *.0 that I have.

Is there a plan or are we talking 6 months out. I am not pushing, just looking at a plan.

Thorgrim Foegrinder
I use Windows 10 and am able to play with no problem. It was rough the first week, and I still can't use my third monitor, but the first two work fine and they patch almost every day so the bugs are vanishing quickly. It's to the point now where I would recommend the average person upgrade. Power users look into your specific requirements and make the choice.
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Caldeathe Baequiannia
On my oldest functioning computer (the only one I'm trying Win 10 on) PFO is running approximately 30% faster* but I hadn't run it in at least two versions, so that may have nothing to do with Win 10. In any event, it's working fine.

* That's about 5 fps instead of 3.5 fps.
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Upgraded to Windows 10 on my main PC right after it came out. No issues to report playing PFO. Had some unrelated minor driver issues, but those have been patched.
Dazyk of Phaeros
I also had to upgrade some drivers, and re-path some application shortcuts because I run programs from my second harddrive, but other than that, I've been living Win 10. Also, those fixes to pathing were very easy to figure out, and I am an average PC user (not a pro).
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No problems with Windows 10 here. I upgraded from 7.

I did lose my Dolby Digital Live output to the SPDIF port from my Realtek HD Audio enabled Motherboard but that has nothing to do with PFO. smile MS sais they are working on a fix…..
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Upgraded last week, no major problems. Updated all drivers, downloaded and install all windows updates, learning where all the stuff has been moved around/new UI. Good experience overall. smile
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Updated to 10 this weekend. No issues.
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Quijenoth Starkiller
Updates are coming fast. I upgraded my windows surface pro 2 tablet and it completely lost all wifi (it was as if the tablet had no wifi device!)

By the time I got home from work that day and googled the error (for which a rollback was the only solution) my surface had downloaded an update and fixed itself on the restart.
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I'd very much appreciate it if someone with Windows 10 installed would post an update here when they have support for three monitors.
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