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Deleting a Company

Ok I did a boneheaded thing and created a company thinking I can get some friends to play and we can have our own company, yada, yada, yada. Well tehy aren't willing to come over right now and I don't know if they will come over to the game anytime soon.

My question is: Can I get out of this single player company I've created or do I have to restart a character and lose the XP I've trained?

I could always recruit someone and drop the group on them. But I play lawful good so don't feel I can do this with my players conscience or mine personally. smile

Any help or suggestions appreciated.
If you are the only leader of the company, if you leave the Company I believe it will be disbanded.

Just type in " /vcleave <company name here> "
Thank you I'll try this. Didn't think it would let me but I may not have typed it in but hit the button to leave on teh UI.
Thorgrim Foegrinder
I think the company name is case sensitive, so you'll have to capitalize appropriately.
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