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Whither PFO?

Is that right. Tell me, how often does this ACTUALLY happen? If not, is this even a likely thing to happen in the near future?

I couldn't say. I just see leaders of opposing groups showing up to fights in T1 gear or sometimes even naked. That suggests to me that acquiring more T2 gear was difficult, and/or they did not want to risk losing the gear they had, especially if they were just going to be a healbot, or focus bait.

Course it could also mean they just don't care to bother 'wasting' gear on something that don't matter either. Two plausible answers to fit either common narrative. Would be interesting to know which is truer.

Just Dak
Elmin Sterro
Just Dak
Elmin Sterro
Just Dak
Elmin Sterro
Just Dak
Elmin Sterro
I always thought the windows were stupid. I think everything should be vulnerable at all times. Don't want someone wrecking your stuff? Come to an agreement with them.

Be careful what you wish for.

I think you underestimate the will of EoX to struggle and eventually thrive as the underdogs. I think they actually enjoy it. If anyone bought into "Hard is Fun" it is likely those folks.

It's mechanical hard stops to territory warfare that will "defeat" the evil empire IMO.
Are you the underdogs or the superior force? Make up your mind.
It's a ruler where it starts at one increment and ends at the other.

Some kind of E-peen measuring device?

Are you even attempting to understand what I am saying, or should I just assume you are inciting an angry response?

No, what I am saying is we seem to start at one extreme (underdogs) and over time as we gain ground through attrition we tend to gain notable ground.

No offense meant, but with that choice of words…

So you are saying there is a scale or "ruler" which measures your combat effectiveness (or something), and each night during combat it grows, only to diminish again before the next encounter?

Yes, we get better as time moves on. Kind of like wine.
Give me a reasonable despot any day. Someone that constantly reminds everyone that they are virtuous and honorable can not be trusted to be either. If you are good we will know by your deeds, if you are reasonable we will know by our deals.
This thread is confusing. We have people saying the objectives are meaningless but we feel we have to log in every night. So which is it? If they objectives are meaningless take a few days off. No one is at your house with a gun forcing you to log in to fight. Your leaders could consider paying me off to not attack you for some limited amount of time. There are a bunch of options but clearly the best one is to have the devs do it for you.

To address this weird phenomena of people complaining that attackers take no risk. I can't tell if you are being willfully ignorant to try to score points or if you just don't get it. We have a bunch of holdings you can attack. You claim influence is meaningless, so why don't you spend it to attack us? You cant have it both ways. Would you feel better if I put up a random useless holding with night crawlers and MIA?

If the devs shift the holding pvp to the weekends WoW legion is coming out soon maybe I will go do battlegrounds there. If I'm going to play a theam park I'm going to play a good one.
That’s why I liked my idea .. just open a second PvP window after a holding or outpost is overrun ..
Gives our side more PvP
It also gives the SE a PvP window to attack our stuff right after their window (so they can try to get back at us in a time close to their primetime playing ..)

I like this idea, too. But, again, it won't make any difference if the result of the combat is still as meaningless as it is.
Nihimon murmurs in sheer ecstasy as the magic courses through his veins
Baron Malthius
Clearly the tolerance for loss or capacity for consistent effort is not super high for the average PFO player,

What loss?

Can anything of any real value for either an attacker or defender actually be lost in the first place? Is there anything that can be lost that can't be easily replaced? Is there anything that can get damaged or taken which would actually hinder an attacker or defender's ability to do battle in any significant way?

It seems to me, from many of Doc's comments, that he has come to some incorrect conclusions about folks and why they aren't heavily involved in PVP often.

If you are reading, Doc (no insult intended), try to grasp this: Some people prefer a reason to PVP. Without a reason, they are happy to build and grow in some quiet corner. Some see PVP (without reasons) as a serious waste of energy and resources.
Virtute et Armis
@ GW
Limiting holding PVP to certain days is a solution directly solving a small segment's PVP burnout. It isn't what the OP asked for or the way to go, however.
THERE ISN'T ANY REAL COST OR RISK TO AGGRESS AGAINST ANYONE. The solution (IMO) is that the aggressor needs to be at some sort of risk that manifests if he fails.

Thanks for reading and comprehending, Bringslite.

I am surprised anyone saw my post, Nihimon. This thread is growing fast. smile
Virtute et Armis
I know why some folks don't participate in PvP very often. Why do you think I agreed to the conditions of the Bandit Project in the north?

What I'm talking about is people like Decius or Cheatle showing up to holding fights already naked or in T1 gear, not the random conscripts they coax into being capture point meat shields.
Memory-High Priest of Desna
He was .. full of pride for about 45 minutes after that ..

yea, you're def. talking about Saoirse. i wasn't watching the whole debacle in question, was too busy escaping scott free with my phat lootz. But i will say that to many folks, life and death in the game is…well…life and death. to each his own.
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Elmin Sterro
Elmin Sterro
We've actually discussed this in comms, because there's always the possibility that we could run out of obnoxious people to kill.

May you never run out of those.

PS: I hope I'm not that obnoxious.

There's nothing wrong with you Elmin (that I've noticed) that couldn't be fixed with a little regime change.

Thanks, but I'm quite happy in my current regime. smile
Caldeathe Baequiannia
It seems likely that the game is not the rapid success that was their best case scenario. It also seems likely that they had a fall-back plan that involved slower growth. Maybe neither of those plans is adquate, maybe they are, but:
Tyv Blodvaerd of Aragon
These descriptors are not just my opinion, they are the words most commonly used by trial account players who have declined to subscribe to the game.

At some point GW has to accept that idea that their vision has failed. They have to change the direction and even the end goal, plus renegotiate on sone of the promises made, in a desperate attempt to attract new subs.
That is one option, that some people think is the only way to save the game. They do not "have to" do it.

Tyv Blodvaerd of Aragon
At some point GW must:

1. Update the game engine - even if that means near complete revamps.

2. Reevaluate their idea of what MVP actually is. It is nit what minimum they think they can do, but what minimum players are willing to pay for.

3. There start point of development has to recognize that advances in development and expectations have evolved over the past 6 - 10 years. If the start point is at 2009, even if the OE begins in 2016 the game will still look 6-8 years old.

4. Consider the possibility that a complete revamp and reset may be required to "relaunch" for OE. Worrying that you may lose a few hundred over a broken promise, may be offset by hopefully thousands that will see a more viable game.
You've made a list of things that you claim GW "must" do, but there is no reason to think you are correct, or have any information about the viability of their plans that others do not. There are probably a number of successful paths forward, and a larger number of unsuccessful paths. Insistence of outsiders that they know the one true path to success is rarely valid.
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