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10.2 Testing

Tink says Stab
Put the current Bid Price in the window that pops up when you try to Sell an item.
Tink quivers in sheer euphoria as the dank memes course through his fedora
Yeah, I am hoping that some bid features are still being worked out prior to live. I forgot to reference that only indication is to select item go to market orders and see amount pre-allocated.
Lee Hammock
The UI on Zog is screwy with the bids currently, which is weird as it was totally fine on our internal server. We'll get it straightened out.
Thank you Lee, did anyone else notice the darkened map with objectives filter on Zog?
The window in the top right is now titled "Recent Achievements". This is wrong (or misleading). The window seems to be the same as in 10.1 with just a title added. It shows progress towards achievements, not achievements completed.

Suggestion: change the title to from "Recent Achievements" to "Achievements" so the you don't confuse players about what they have completed.
The process of applying to a company seems flawed in 2 ways:

1. You can submit an application to only one company but you can select as many companies as you want and push the "Apply to Join" button. There is no message that your application to the second and subsequent companies is being ignored.

Suggestion: put up a message on the second and subsequent applications that says something along the lines of "You already have an outstanding application".

2. It can take ages for an application to join a company to be processed and the player may well have changed their mind or submitted to the wrong company. There should be a way for players to cancel an application.

Suggestion: Add a "Withdraw Application" button that players can select before their application is approved.

Movement Tutorial bugs - spelling and grammar.

1. The Boneyard is a specific plane of existence, not a general location. Suggestion: change "boneyard" to "Boneyard".

2. Incorrect punctuation. "See what you can do with it" is a complete sentence and should be preceded with a full-stop after "sleeping", not a comma.

3. "a Action Bar" should be "an Action Bar"

4. "Wher you make an attack" should be "When you make an attack" (this may be a window clipping problem but it certainly shows as "Wher" on my screen)

5. The use of an apostrophe to start and end sentences is very odd and unnecessary. There is also a hanging ">" sign at the end of the last sentence. Suggestion: Remove the apostrophes bracketing the paragraphs in the second half of the information; remove the final greater-than sign.
Movement Tutorial Completed screen confusion.

The screen reads "There are others nearby that need your help, especially since you cannot die. Use your map to find them." I looked near the Movement Tutorial trainer to find other trainers and of course they are not there.

Suggestion: make it really obvious that the character needs to explore a bit to find the other trainers. Change "Use your map" to "Use your Current Hex map to find them. Be careful out there as the forest is not always safe.".
Crafting Tutorial bugs:

1. The Crafting Tutorial is offered by a 'Thornkeep Scout' at each of the camps for the cleric, wizard, fighter and rogue as well as near the crafting stations in Thornkeep. In each place the text is the same: "As you may have noticed, we are not exactly in the middle of civilization. We don't have a lot in the way of craftsmen or manufacturing around here…". This text kind of makes sense out in the woods but coming from the one in Thornkeep it is obviously wrong. I also find it really strange that there is a crafting trainer at the 4 camps in the wood at all.

1. Remove the 'Thornkeep Scout' that gives the crafting tutorial at each of the cleric, wizard, fighter and rogue training camps. These camps should be sufficient to themselves and adding someone offering a crafting tutorial there is confusing. To have 4 people offering the same tutorial is even more confusing (or can I do the same tutorial up to 5 times?).

2. Keep the 'Thornkeep Scout' offering the crafting tutorial in Thornkeep but give her a name and title of 'Crafting Tutorial' like we have "Ogden Delsane (Fighter Tutorial)". e.g. Call her Mabel Makepiece (Crafting Tutorial).

3. The Crafting Tutorial intro text is all wrong for someone inside Thornkeep. Remove ""As you may have noticed, we are not exactly in the middle of civilization. We don't have a lot in the way of craftsmen or manufacturing around here" and replace it with something like "Here in Thornkeep we have many people focused on refining raw materials and crafting the items that keep the city stocked but the more the merrier I always say".

4. The text says "Could you check the nearby woods for Wool. Five should be sufficient for a batch of coarse yarn". Wool is not a proper noun and should not use capital W. Also, five what will be sufficient? Five trips into the wood? Suggest you change it to "Could you check the nearby woods for wool. Five pieces should be sufficient for a batch of coarse yarn".

5. The text says "Take them to Quartermaster Pyke in Thornkeep once you've got them". But Quartermaster Pyke is nowhere near the quest giver and it is not clear what should be taken there (the wool or the yarn). Suggestion: change "Take them …" to "Take the wool to Quartermaster Pyke in Thornkeep once you've gathered at least five pieces".

6. Again - please remove the apostrophe at the start of sentences.

7. There is no information on how to speed up gathering. I suggest adding an extra paragraph to the second Crafting Tutorial screen (after "Gathering from a node takes a short amount of time and can be disrupted by combat" that says "Training the Scavenger skill at the Tanner will decrease the time it takes to harvest Scavenger Nodes".

8. After gathering the wool I found Quartermaster Pyke - nice and obvious now with the big glowing nimbus - a nice touch. However, his window has a cropping issue with the end of several words at the end of lines not appearing on the screen (e.g. "Coarse Yar" should presumably be "Coarse Yarn" unless we are going all pirate all of a sudden).

9. The text "Clicking one of these ingredients will show any materials you have that satisfy that requirement" is a bit confusing for new players. I suggest adding more text using the example of the item being crafted for the tutorial, such as "In the case of Coarse Yarn +0 the only material required is wool. More complex refined products may require a number of different raw materials".
Banker of Abadar bugs:

So I made my coarse yarn and got a nice big glowing symbol on my minimap but when I get there expecting to find a banker he is not obvious. The tutorial quest says "Interact with Banker of Abadar" and when I do he gives me all sorts of wrong information (unless auctions have significantly regressed from 10.1 - I didn't go out of TK to try out what the banker is telling me).


1. Give the banker the big glowing nimbus like you did for the Quartermaster.

2. The banker says "you can only access banks in NPC settlements, like Thornkeep, and player settlements you are a member of". If this is the case I hate the change. Surely I can still access the bank at any settlement??? I currently have stuff in many banks all over the map. What happens to that if I can no longer access those banks? If the system is like 10.1 it should read "You can access a personal vault in any bank. Company vaults are located in all NPC settlements. Items in your vaults are only available for withdrawal at the location at which they were deposited".

3. The banker tells me to "Drag the Coarse Yarn to your Inventory Window from the Bank Window. Interact with the Auctioneer once you have the Coarse Yarn". I checked with the Auction House. There is no requirement for the items to be in my inventory so getting the items out of the bank teaches people bad habits (or the banker is lying). I suggest the sentence to "Drag the Coarse Yarn to your Inventory Window from the Bank Window" be deleted and the paragraph changed to "Interact with the Auctioneer to learn more about buying and selling items".

4. When the banker tells you to talk to the Auctioneer the quest nimbus should shift to the Auctioneer.
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