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10.2 Testing

Auctioneer bugs:

The text reads "The Auction House is where you can buy and sell goods to other players without having to do so in person". This is confusing. If I don't have to do it can I get others to access my account? Suggest you just remove the words "without having to do so in person".

Others have covered the need for a Buy Orders tab. This would appear to be called "Bids" in the help screen but is not currently there.

After reading the Auctioneer window I am instructed to go talk to Quartermaster Pyke again but this time he doesn't get the glowing nimbus. Suggest he should be glowing again.
Crafting tutorial bugs - Orbun Farrier:

Seems like the tanner goes by 2 different names. The Crafting Tutorial says "Talk to my friend Orbun Farrier over there by the tanner" followed by an instruction to "Interact with "Obar Farrier".

Suggestion 1: get his name consistent (he is Orbun when you click on him).

Suggestion 2: light Orbun up with a nimbus like other parts of the quest.

Suggestion 3: you actually move away from the Tanner to find Orbun so remove the bit about "over there by the tanner" (or move Orbun closer to the Tanner).
Crafting tutorial bugs - Sila Tailorsdotter:

1. The term "goods" is used for both raw material, refined and finished products. Suggestion: make the process slightly clearer by changing "We take the refined goods" to "We take the refined materials".

2. Misplaced comma "speak, to". Suggestion: remove the comma.

3. Sila says "If you wish to be an Expert, you can train at Walas Taccey". Given the wording I expected Walas to have a skill called "Expert" but of course she doesn't. Suggestion: change the wording to "If you wish to be an expert crafter learn the Toolkit Implement Proficiency. Walas Taccey here beside me can train you in many crafting skills as well as how to use a Toolkit Implement".
Crafting tutorial bugs - making gloves:

1. The text says "Now you can take the Coarse Yarn the Quartermaster told me you made and make it into some gloves" … "You will be able to pick up the gloves from the bank in a little bit" … "first select the Wool Gloves recipe from the list". The trouble is that the recipe doesn't make gloves. The recipe is for Wool Mittens. This might seem obvious to you or I, but I suggest you remove any possible confusion by substituting references to "gloves" with "mittens".

2. The text says "The ingredients required will appear in the center of the interface. Clicking one of these ingredients will show any materials …". This is somewhat confusing as Wool Mittens only require one type of ingredient. Suggest you change it to: "The ingredients required will appear in the center of the interface. Wool mittens only require one type of ingredient. More complex items may require several different ingredients. Clicking on the ingredients required will show any materials …".

3. The text says "click 'Add to Queue' to begin refining the item". We have gone past refining to crafting at this stage. Suggest changing "refining the item" to "crafting the final product".

4. One of the common questions I hear is "Do I have to wait for the item to finish being made?". I suggest you address this in the tutorial with a sentence after the part about the item being deposited in your bank with something like: "There is no need to delay other tasks whilst waiting for an item to finish being crafted".
Escalation Tutorial bugs:

1. After I finished the crafting tutorial I noticed another glowing person in Thornkeep. Captain Bara Okiltios had a quest for me to "Kill ten Bloodbriar Goblins" but the quest objective is stated as "Interact with Thornkeep Scout". This is confusing. I've got the quest from the Captain. Is there another scout somewhere I need to speak with before killing goblins? I tried talking to the scout at the Wizard camp but he ignored me. Or should the Objective be to "Interact with Captain Okiltios"? I also have two quest markers on the map marked "Escalation Tutorial but only one is glowing.

Suggestion: I'm really not sure what to do about this. I don't understand how Captain Okiltios and the escalation tutorial are supposed to be tied together.

2. So I went out looking for the escalation hex and talked to a scout at the Escalation Tutorial marker farthest from Thornkeep. I killed a couple of Bloodbriar Goblins then went to a different hex. It didn't seem to matter what goblins I killed or where they all counted my quest total. The last one I killed was in the mountains west of Thornkeep - nowhere near either escalation hex. This is a bug as it teaches people that you can achieve escalation completion whilst away from the escalation hex.

Suggest: Only goblins in the actual escalation hex should count.

3. The Escalation Objective changed to "Interact with Thornkeep Scout" once I killed 10 random goblins. I couldn't get into the quest hex 2 south of Thornkeep because the hex was blocked off with the force field that usually denotes edge of map.

Suggestion: Don't block off quest locations with force fields.

4. I went back to the Thornkeep Scout out in the monster hex east of Thornkeep and got the "Completed" message. Good thing I didn't have to fight a boss as a brand new character. I _was_ somewhat disappointed that all I got was words. I would have expected some small reward for completing the Escalation Tutorial, reflecting that fact of a payout that is given for completing an actual Escalation.

Suggestion: 50 copper reward for completing the Escalation Tutorial.
Wizard Tutorial bugs:

1. The text says "Kill five Whispering Way in any of the hexes marked on your map". As an experienced player I can see that there are now hexes marked with a 10 point star but as a new player I open up the map and see almost every hex is marked in one way or another (blue shields, squiggles, Xs, … ). Suggest you change this to "Kill five followers of the Whispering Way in either of the hexes marked with a 10 pointed star on your main map".

2. There is no instruction as to How to kill the Whispering Way. There needs to be something like "You have been granted the very basics of Staff use with a Basic Staff Attack and a Basic Staff Exploit. These are available from your Action Bar. To cast the spells select your target and use either the Attack or the Exploit to damage your target. Hover your cursor over the symbol in the Action Bar to read details of how the attack operates. Warning: don't try these attacks on skeletons as they are immune to cold damage." (Note: I have not actually been able to try out cold spells against a skeleton in 10.2 but they seem immune in 10.1. A couple hours play and I have yet to see a skeleton near Thornkeep in 10.2)

Edit: I finally found a skeleton near Thornkeep and confirmed that the starter spells doing cold damage can easily kill a skeleton, so the Warning note above is inaccurate and not needed.
+1 to all of Shades recommendations on making the text and tutorial easier to read and understand.
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Testing out the tooltips against goblins with my newly created Wizard with an introductory staff and Runespun Robes and looking at the Basic Staff Attack. The damage numbers quoted seem strange. With no target selected it says "Your 45 base damage goes up to 92 against a lightly armored opponent or up to 27 damage against an evenly matched but heavily armored opponent". This indicates to me that I do more cold damage against heavily armored opponents than lightly armored opponents. Surely this is not so. Comparing the same tooltip with a target of a basic goblin and a goblin sergeant it says I do 71 damage against the goblin and only 61 against the (presumably heavily armored) sergeant. I thought elemental damage was supposed to work better against heavily armored opponents, not worse?
Quest completed bug:

I logged out part way through the Wizard Tutorial at the point where I have been told by Illa Springtree that if I wish to know more I should speak with Mareeen Skysteel. On getting back into the game I am not shown with any active quests. Checking under Accepted Quests I have none and under Finished Quests I have Wizard Tutorial (as well as Movement, Crafting and Escalation Tutorials). Going back to see the Wizard Tutorial both Illa and Marcen are glowing. Talking to Marcen he has a Wizard Training quest. This seems to be a continuation of the Wizard Tutorial.

Suggestion: don't mark Wizard Tutorial as completed until it really is completed.
Wizard Training quest bugs:

1. Marcen says "To improve and survive, you have to learn. My friend here can train you in some of the skills you need to survive. People like him can be found all over the River Kingdoms. For now it's free, but, once you get to more advanced skills, they'll start charging you coin". The punctuation here has way too many commas and Marcen seems to be referring to himself in the third person.

Suggestion: This would be better as "To improve and survive you have to learn. I can train you in some of the skills you need. Other trainers can be found in many places in the River Kingdoms. Simple skills are trained for free but once you get to more advanced skills trainers will start charging you coin."

2. Some text on the right side of this quest window is cropped.

Suggestion: The window needs to be widened slightly or some of the lines shortened.

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