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10.2 Testing

A Glut of Cults bug:

1. Spelling mistake - correct "aruond" to "around".

Suggestion: fix the spelling.

2. "The Baron has put a bounty on them. If you eliminate some, I'm sure his man Cranstin in Thornkeep will reward you". After killing the mobs I went to see Castellan Cranstin. I found him in the crafting area and got a message "Excellent. Worshippers of Lamashtu are the worst sorts to have around here". There was no indication of the reward although I did get given 10 copper (I would not have noticed except I had just been to the bank.

Suggestion: The Castellan should be in the castle. You have put lots of work into the artwork for the castle. Guide new players to have a look at it by making them go see the Castelan there if they want their reward. There should also be some follow up text along the lines of "Here is the bounty as promised".

3. "They tend to mainly inflict energy damage, which the light armor favored by wizards is highly resistant to". This is too wordy and also slightly wrong as wizards favor cloth armor not light armor.

Suggestion: change the above to "They tend to inflict mainly energy damage to which the cloth armor favored by wizards is highly resistant".

4. There is no suggestion on where to find the Lamashtu cultists. It doesn't seem to matter as any cultists increase the count. I killed 10 River Shepard cultists and completed the "Kill 10 Lamashtu cultists" quest. I don't know if this is intended.

Suggestion: add something like "You should be able to find the cultists south of here".

5. Having completed the quest my yellow bar was almost depleted and I didn't know where to find the Inn to get it refreshed. The Inn is not shown on the map of Thornkeep.

Suggestion: add an extra step to the quest with the Castellan sending the character to the Inn (which is conveniently located just down the hill from the castle). You would need to add an NPC to the Inn and text along the lines of "You may be weary after all that fighting. Bruce McTavish down at the Thirsty Ogre has a place you can rest and recuperate".
The Escalation marker has moved away from the mini-map. You used to be able to tell if there was an escalation in a hex by looking at the mini-map and now can not. Is this intentional? I found an escalation for Float Any River (in a non-monster hex) and didn't realize that there was an escalation there till I symbol of an up-arrow in a circle in the top right of the screen.

Suggestion: In the tutorial on Escalations tell the players how to know if there is an escalation currently in a hex.
Wizard Training bugs:

1. “Some feats work together as combos” really? A “combo” sounds like some sort of apartment building.

Suggest changing this to “Some attacks work better in combination with other attacks”.

2. I went into Thornkeep and trained a feat (Miner level 1) and got the Wizard Training window pop up with an objective of “Train Force Hail 1 from Marcen Skysteel”. I also had a quest marker pop up near Isaja Fannell in the initial spawn camp. Investigating the Glowing pin I found nothing there. It seems to be a random place on the map about half the min-map distance west of Isaja.

Suggestion: remove the random quest location.

3. I checked the feats available from Marcen Skysteel and Force Hail 1 was not in the list. That is because it is listed under Unavailable as I had not yet learned Arcane Weapon Proficiency.

Suggestion: add extra text before “If you have already trained…” that says “You will need to have trained Arcane Weapon Proficiency 1 before you can train Force Hail 1”.

4. Having learned Force Hail I got the objective of slotting it to my Action bar. This window has cropping problems with long lines such as “variety o weapons”.

Suggestion: fix the window cropping

5. The text says “often add state effects”. This is not actually true as the state has no effect by itself.

Suggestion: change this to “often put the target in a state that can be capitalized upon by other attacks”.

6. “Make sure you have your staff equipped” doesn't really help a newbie.

Suggestion: Change this to “Press P to open your Paper Doll and make sure you have a staff equipped as your primary weapon”.

7. “Select the Active Feats/Attacks tab” is the incorrect label.

Suggestion: correct “Attacks tab” to “Attack tab”

8. Having slotted Force Hail I got the objective of slotting Electric Brand 1 (even though I had not yet learned that attack). This window has cropping problems with long lines such as “effect currentl on”.

Suggestion: fix the window cropping

8. “Your Secondary Attacks cost more stamina, provide more impressive damage, and, most importantly, have superior bonus effects when they can capitalize on an effect currently on a target” has way too many commas; “impressive” is a relative term that is meaningless in the context (e.g does it mean they have more sound and light effects?); the use of the word “superior” implies Primary Attacks also have bonus effects which I believe is incorrect; and it is the target's state that allows for the extra effect (not the target's “effect”).

Suggestion: change this to “Your Secondary Attacks cost more stamina, provide greater damage, and have bonus effects when they can capitalize on the state of the target”.

9. “Open your Feats window by pressing P” is incorrect.

Suggestion: correct this to “Open your Feats window by pressing F”.

10. “Select the Active Feats/Attacks tab” is the incorrect label, the same problem as the previous Wizard Training window.

Suggestion: correct “Attacks tab” to “Attack tab”

11. The “Train Mage 1” window has similar cropping problems as before.

Suggestion: fix the window cropping.

12. “Passive Feats are feats that provide bonuses or abilities as long as they are slotted”. This seems to be a terminology problem. If I train Base Attack Bonus I don't need to slot it anywhere. Does that mean it is not a Passive Feat?

Suggestion: change this to “Some Passive Feats need to be equipped on your Paper Doll to take effect. These include Role Features, Reactive Feats, Armor Feats and some Defensive Feats”.

13. The “Slot Mage in your Personal Window” screen refers to “Paperdoll” a couple of times. I believe this is inconsistent with other references.

Suggestion: change “Paperdoll” to “Paper Doll”.

14. Train Arcane Attack Bonus 1” window could do with some more information. There is also a spelling error (“it's” is used incorrectly as the apostrophe implies a contraction of “it is”).

Suggestion: Use “Each major weapon category has its own attack bonus. Arcane Attack Bonus gives a bonus to Arcane spell attacks”.

15. “Train Willpower Bonus 1” is confusing in that up till now I have had to slot everything I have trained and I have previously been told I need to slot everything for it to take effect.

Suggestion: add a sentence like “Willpower, Fortitude and Reflex Bonus are Passive Feats that do not get slotted to the Paper Doll. They are always in effect once learned.”

16. “Train Spellbook Implement Proficiency” window refers to Implements as tools. It says “Implements are tools used to store and activate abilities tied to each Role called Expendables. Common Implements are things like Spellbooks and Holy Symbols. You must have a proficiency feat to equip an Implement”. This is bad phrasing and says to me that "Implements" are also called "Expendables".

Suggestion: make it clear that Implements are in-game items and leave the description of Expendables out of this window as they are covered in the next window. Change the wording above to “Implements are items used to store and activate abilities tied to each Role. Common Implements are things like Spellbooks for Wizards and Holy Symbols for Clerics.”

17. “Equip Spellbook and Slot Expendable” window has the same problems as in the previous point. Here there is no need to talk about Implements again as it just confuses things.

Suggestion: Change “Implements are tools used to store and activate abilities tied to each Role called Expendables” to “Expendables require an Implement to be slotted. You will have retrieved an Introductory Spellbook (an Implement) and a Spell (an Expendable) from the chest near Illa Springtree”.

18. Trying to slot the spell Speed which I learned I had 2 problems. The instruction “Select the Active Feats/Expendables tab” refers to a tab that isn't there (it is “Expendable” not “Expendables”). The other problem is that my list of learned expendables is empty (despite me having received a confirmation message saying “You have learned: Spell: Speed”. This is because I had not yet slotted my spellbook and caused me quite some confusion till I worked it out.

Suggestion: change “Expendables” to Expendable”; add a sentence along the lines of “Your Expendable will only appear in the list of Active Feats once you have an appropriate Implement equipped”.

19. “Slot Evoker” window has cropping problems, referring to “Passiv feats”.

Suggestion: fix the cropping

20. “Slot Evoker” window refers to a “highlighted slot”. This is the Role Feature slot on the paper doll so make it obvious and call it by its name.

Suggestion: change “Drag Evoker 1 to the highlighted slot” to “Drag Evoker 1 to the Role Feature slot on your Paper Doll”.

21. “Interact with Mikhal Onderberg” window has a number of problems: It implies the player did something wrong when saying “you bought feats out of order”; it implies Role features automatically advance when the pre-reqs are met; and it has a spelling mistake “mazimize”.

Suggestions: change “bought feats out of order” to “bought feats in a different order”; change “Each time you buy a specific set of feats, your role will advance in level” to “Each Role Feature level requires that you have trained a specific set of feats”; correct the spelling of “maximize”

22. “Click Mikhal Onderberg to end this quest” is bugged. I clicked on him and nothing happened. When I clicked on Marcen Skusteel again then the quest window closed.

Suggestion: either correct the text or correct who you have to click on to end the quest.
There seems to be an imbalance between Yellow spell casters and a new character in starter level gear. I was able to stand there with as a Mage 1 with Runspun robes +0 and an Apprentice's Charged Staff +0. I could comfortably take all the damage that 4 Yellow River Shepard cultists were dishing (-6 damage or -16 per hit) while I killed them off with the basic staff attacks. Similarly Yellow Whispering Apprentices are only doing between 1 and 3 damage per hit. I have also been able to kill a red Small Magma Elemental using just the starter gear and the Speed spell to kite it.

Surely Yellow and Red mobs should be more of a threat to such a young character?
You happened to fight things that you have high resistances to. Fightva red nod that does physical damage and see if it works as well.
You happened to fight things that you have high resistances to. Fightva red nod that does physical damage and see if it works as well.

I realize the difference between physical and elemental damage. My point is that Yellow mobs fighting a character that has spent almost zero XP should be at least a moderate threat, not something that I can tank all day and still hardly notice that I am being attacked. 1 to 3 points of damage per hit is no threat at all.
Fighter Tutorial bugs:

I logged on my fighter/cleric who has a couple of weeks XP and saw that he had a potential starter quest so went to investigate. For reference, the character is still only using the starter gear of Novitiate's Scale (medium armor) and Introductory Holy Symbol with Travel Domain 1 and Unbreakable 1. He has spent most of his xp on gathering and crafting skills.

The quest says "Interact with Ogden Delsane". Heading to the fighter camp I found a person with a glowing nimbus. This turned out to be 'Thornkeep Scout' and Ogden nearby is Not glowing.

Suggestion: remove the Thornkeep scout from the Fighter camp (and all the other camps except in Thornkeep. I covered this above in my post yesterday on Crafting Tutorial bugs but it deserves repeating here as I have only visited Thornkeep and the Wizard training camp previously. When I now look at my main map the training camps for the Fighter, Rogue, Wizard and Cleric are camps all hidden because their pin in hidden by the pin for 'Thornkeep Scout' in each location.

Suggestion 2: Give the glowing nimbus to Ogden as he is the destination for the quest.

On clicking on Ogden I got the message "Completed! … Check with Hessi Steelbeard". This is presumably because I did the 10.1 tutorials with this character. On clicking on Hessi she has nothing to say to me and the quest window remains open.

Suggestion: There must be some flag that indicates I have already done the Fighter tutorial so don't offer it again if it is marked as completed (even if it was completed in 10.1).
Bandit Troubles bugs:

1. The quest says "the bandits need to be scared off. Made an example of. They're bad people so don't feel too horrible about it. They are bandits after all. When you're done head into Thornkeep and talk to the Baron's castellan, Cranstin. He'll see you rewarded".

Suggestion: call a spade a spade. There is no mechanism for scaring off the bandits. They have to be killed so change "scared off" to "dealt with".

2. Ogden does not tell you where to find the bandits.

Suggestion: add "The bandits can be found south and east of here although there are many bandits elsewhere as well" before the sentence "They're bad people…" .

3. After killing 10 bandits (not necessarily the ones in the quest hex) I returned to Castellan Crastin. He said "Good work. Greedy bastards had it coming". There is no mention of the reward that was promised and I didn't see any reward being given.

Suggestion: Highlight that the player has been rewarded with something like "Good work. Here is your reward."
Lesser Cure has become practically useless as a cleric spell. It does 6% healing plus regeneration for 2 rounds with a 12 second cool down. On my fighter/cleric that is an initial 53 points (110% effective). So I have the option of healing 53 to myself or doing an attack that does 100 to 200 points of damage (Touch of Darkness rank 1). Compare the healing to a Lesser Token of Curing which heals me to full (650 hit points) and Virtue that does Fast Healing for 9 rounds (and can be repeated so often that it never runs out) - why would I ever bother with Lesser Cure?

Note: in 10.1 Lesser cure does a 15% heal. Cutting it to 6% is radical and I believe ridiculous. Please leave it as it is.
Insidious Hero Gods quest:

The quest giver looks like those that gave the Starter Quests and player is asked to "Find their shamans and finish them".

Suggestion 1: Add an indication that goblins are all over the place with something like "Goblins can be found in many places throughout the River Kingdoms".

Suggestion 2: Add a warning that this is not a simple starter quest with something like "You may need friends to help you to deal with the problem" - although Goblin Shamans are not _nearly_ as scary as they used to be.
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