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GW said this game wouldn't be for everyone. They've said since day 1 it's going to be open world pvp. They simply need to come out and state that yes, burning of holdings is intended and be prepared to lose those that absolutely cannot handle or stomach the idea of pvp at all whatsoever.
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we're all going to have to be grown-ups and try to manage the expectations of the wider player base. everybody is going to be exposed to PVP in one form or another. The folks who come here to focus on the less PVP-related aspects of the game, however, have every reason to be confused by random murderers who kill just for the sake of killing. That's just stupid behavior and comes with its own social consequences. That doesn't mean the devs or the game mechanics should shield them from it, but it does mean they should seek out the protection of more pvp oriented organizations that can benefit from their services in return.

in short, take responsibility for the nature of your experience. the game is what it is.
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There is already a server-wide understanding of not PvPing against new players in the new player start area (including Thornkeep).

Goblin Works honestly has more important things to spend their time developing. There are dozens of basic features that should have been a part of the MVP that are still not in place. There is still the basic graphics of the game world (rivers having water) that should have been completed during alpha.
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I hate PvP and think this would be a mistake. The game needs that threat, rare though I think it should be.
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I understand the sentiment behind this and all, however I don't think this would be the best use of time.

MidknightDiamond said it best, the devs need to come out and say precisely what the intended direction and mechanics are for the game and especially regarding PvP. Some people may leave in the short term, but in the long run I think it may be for the best. Once the dust settles then all the mechanics can be adjusted around whatever they decide.
There's no need to change the design, there's just a need to implement it.
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I don't love PvP in PFO (its not close to done yet), but I would hate to see that happen. I've run from Phyllain several times (he usually catches me) and I shrug it off.

This game from day one has been open pvp, but with consequences. Right now, the only consequences are what players can enforce, as the rep system and feud system aren't working quite as intended.
Why do people constantly complain about being pvp and call me a griefer for hunting them. It's apart of the game lol.
Quijenoth Starkiller
Because the people your griefing aren't generally the ones on these forums. Plus your technique generally appears childish and petty. I'm not saying its wrong, thats just how people view it.

Almost all PvP prior to your random ganking has been focused in some way. Be it fighting over WoT, against known enemies, during a feud, over "claimed territory", or over a hexes resources (boss kill, resource control, etc) In other words its on a company level.
Yours isn't.

Your not the first ( "SENSOU" ) and you wont be the last. But in time the mechanics will make it harder to gank new players. personally I think the guards in Thornkeep should be much tougher than the ones posted in settlements and it should be made more visible to new players when they stray outside the safety of Thornkeep.
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