The UnNamed Company of Aragon has reopened its recruitment to prepare for Faction based PVP, particularly economic warfare (ie. Banditry).

The UnNamed Company is not just a PVP oriented company, it is also a Role Playing company. We value the adherence to the River Freedoms, and we are hoping that the Faction System will open the way for our company to pursue our goals of being a dedicated bandit company.

The Unnamed Company is not a sponsored company of Aragon, it is a division of the founding company of the settlement. Its members can freely pass between the two companies (UnNamed and Aragonian Council) or have characters in both.

The settlement of Aragon, provides support for Fighters and Rogues, and up to Tier 2 training.
Aragon (CN) a settlement founded on the principles of the River Freedoms: Say What You Will; Oath Breakers Die; Walk Any Road, Float Any River; Courts are for Kings; Slavery is an Abomination; Have What You Hold.

Settlement Focus: Fighter and Rogue Training
Game Play: Escalations / Refining / Crafting / Defensive PVP