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Recipe Prerequisites

I have found that certain recipes tell me that I have not met the prerequisites.

For example : I am a level 4 smelter (skill level 50) and am trying to learn Silvered Steel Ingot +1, which says I need to be a level 4 smelter. When I try to learn it, the chat box says that I have not met the prerequisites. What does this mean?
Brawn Over Brains…One Dwarf's Legacy
Tooltip error. SilStelIn+1 is Smelter 11.
OOPS!…My Bad. I meant Silvered Iron Ingot
Brawn Over Brains…One Dwarf's Legacy
Zycor is right that bonusses do not count towards the unlocking of recipes. Same for racial bonusses.

I think the racial bonus may be the cause here. If the recipe requires level 4, you need to have trained level 4 at the trainer, no matter what your skill is. You can check this in your Feat window.

I am guessing you are a dwarf, who get a racial bonus of +20 for Smelting: that means if you only trained up to level 3 of Smelter, your skill is at 50 but you still can not learn level 4 recipes.
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This is the character that I am playing almost 100% of the time. (Tyncale is my Sage/Mage)
Thanks folks, that does explain a lot.
Brawn Over Brains…One Dwarf's Legacy
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