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On the scale of griefers, you are actually a half notch higher than the EoX scum. And that says a lot.
I'd say "Nice Knowing Ya!" Except not only would it be a lie but I'd honestly be surprised if they bothered to give you the time of day.
Aurora Silverstar, Pathfinder University Quartermaster & Explorer
Kiernan Silverstar, Aurora's lazy & good-for-nothing younger brother who just likes to blow things up.

PM MidknightDiamond on Paizo Forum
Who da wha? I said what? You really do have this persecution complex and love to take even imaginary conversations to new level. This from the same person that was screaming in general how I unfairly attacked you, despite you having been put on the PFU Kill on Sight List and being kicked from Phaeros by Thorgrim.

I really think you need to switch to Decaf.
Tink says Stab
Tink quivers in sheer euphoria as the dank memes course through his fedora
This from a guy who actively stole from the vaults of the same companies he now offers to protect…

I see through your veil though, Your a PvPer, since day one of playing this game, you have moaned about the carebears of the south, PFU and the North West in TS. You have strived to bring out the PvP in this game by randomly attacking, you have admitted to hating the reputation system because it strangles your playstyle.

So looking at recent events…
You attacked a PFU event when specifically told by Phy not to. This got you kicked from EoX. something you actually encouraged because it gives you 2 things.
  1. the ability to attack the groups you hated since day 1. Just last night you where offering Cheatle and others a 1v1, 2v2 duel in general.
  2. it cuts your ties to EoX, giving you what this thread highlights. Challenging PvP.
Item 2 would not have been a thing though if you hadn't been able to join a settlement. By gaining a settlement you get support for training and the ability to use influence to feud instead of maintaining your own settlement (something you also considered recently), avoiding the reputation system you so detest.

So bravo to you for getting what you most desire out of PFO. I'm glad my buddy key went to someone so productive to this game smile
See you on the battlefield smile
Woot, SENSOU 2.0!
Tyv Blodvaerd of Aragon
I have met with Phylain in person, broke bread and had a beer with the dude. I've had many decent conversations with Cheatle, and I have no issues with him or Brighthaven (yeah I don't look at EBA as some monolithic thing).

I will not take the side of Decius in anything forum or game related. He is one of the most toxic individuals in the game and was critical of you and your group, so I'm wondering why you are being his tool? Plus, Phaeros also kicked you, so WTF?? I'm confused.

Have fun with your feud (btw not a war, a feud). Just for the record, Aragon has trade agreements with both sides. We are actually itching for some PvP ourselves and we are open to a mercenary contract, especially from a semi neutral company / settlement.

Pm me on Paizo forums. Remember, we will not be expending our influence, you will be hiring bandits willing to take the rep hit. That sacrifice will come at a cost.
Aragon (CN) a settlement founded on the principles of the River Freedoms: Say What You Will; Oath Breakers Die; Walk Any Road, Float Any River; Courts are for Kings; Slavery is an Abomination; Have What You Hold.

Settlement Focus: Fighter and Rogue Training
Game Play: Escalations / Refining / Crafting / Defensive PVP
PFU Hoffman
For clarity, if someone says they want PVP (as their primary thing) we ask are you looking for good or evil, then recommend EBA or EoX.
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