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I thought this was new PvE crowdforging thread.
He who wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper.
-Edmund Burke
Memory-High Priest of Desna
it was rather professionally derailed wasn't it?
Adventure Time with the High Priest of Desna, begins Tuesday 08/18 at 6:00pm EST (10:00 server time) at the Thornkeep Auction house. All new players welcome!

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@ Zycor

Change the way that you do things. This is a great first step, although I am pretty sure it is smoke and mirrors. Focus your PVP onto something that matters. Like a war.

If you even care about the game, leave the new players alone. Don't attack unrelated players-those not involved in a war.

Do that, pick a side, and keep doing that. It may take weeks, but whomever you are helping will come around and start being friendly.

Quit lying in your videos about small things, i.e. "I was only doing PVP after the Gencon Event" …"I am lawful good. I have to kill all reds"

^^^I dismiss whatever your message is as soon as I see you doing that.^^^

The error that you have made is that you thought you could come into a game and a community, mold it around how you want to play, and fit right in. Work within the system. Get big and strong, then change the system.

The error that I am making: it is likely that you are just sprinkling more BS for fun. Even so,the chance to salvage a player or two is worth a loss of 3 minutes to me.
Virtute et Armis
Well put, Bringslite
Tink says Stab
Well that didn't last long.
Tink quivers in sheer euphoria as the dank memes course through his fedora
Duffy Swiftshadow
Do you need help? Type Pi out to it's 938th digit if you're under duress!
Quijenoth Starkiller
Did we win?
Quijenoth Starkiller Viceroy of Callambea
Company Leader of Beyond the Grave -
Crafting Planner
Tink says Stab
You're damn right we did.
Tink quivers in sheer euphoria as the dank memes course through his fedora
Stilachio Thrax
Tink says Stab
You're damn right we did.

Everybody just won…
Virtus et Honor

Steward of Ozem's Vigil, Lord Commander of the Argyraspides Iomedais
Duffy Swiftshadow
Go team!
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