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I'm down at TavernCon in Ithica, Mich. to demo the game to the Pathfinder Society players today and tomorrow.
After living the life as a U.S. government face of the public I have learned very well that the only way most people will really take notice is if you Speakly Loudly AND Carry an even bigger Stick (or Dagger or Greatclub or the Grandest Greatsword any dwarf would die and live out all of their greatest fantasies with).

MC1 Donald P. Rule, USN(FR)
Sheila Silverwind, Commander Excelsior (Free Highlanders)
It's been a great weekend at Tavern Con! Thank you so much for attending and running a demo station.
Go West for freedom and adventure! Join the free soil settlers of High Road. Be a positive and constructive force for freedom in the Bulwark Hills.
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