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The economy - a reason not to reboot

Earlier I wrote about my reasons to be exited about the next months of PFO. The PvP of economies will reach a new phase. For me the economy is also one of the main reasons I'm a staunch opponent for any reboot of the game.

Let me explain why:

The current economy had 9 month time to slowly grow, to find a balance, for GW to tinker and to reach this state. Going back with hindsight we could do a better job - there is no doubt about that. And a reboot would eliminate a few issues.

But a reboot would also throw out all that has happened until now. The world in it's current state wouldn't be able to cope with the need for resources. I wrote elsewhere that a single he's next to us doesn't has enough resources to cope with even gathering enough weak luminous in a single day for a +3 library kit.

Now assume we want to reequipt hundreds of players with T2. Players forget that iron got strip mined in ZKM on day 1 of the game - with resource numbers a lot higher as they are now. Strip mining around TK is a common occurrence and devs regularly reset these hexes manually as 'too many starters' look for a few resources to fullfillment their starter quests.

A reboot will surely lead to massive distortions early on. Not rebooting the XP would exacerbate the economic issues. T2 and T3 gatherers are much quicker in strip mining as the measly rank 2 or 3 gatherers that managed on day 1 to cause these issues.

Could you solve the issues by allowing unlimited resources for one week (insert another time frame if you like). This would solve the issue of strip mining. But it would create a new issue. Suddenly the most powerful group would be the settlement that musters most gathering power in the first week (or whatever the timeline would be).

You would have a few players taking a week holiday just to ensure they come out ahead in such a gold rush. The question is - would this create a better equilibrium as there is now - with all imbalances that have build up.

My feeling is - no. It would throw out months of planning and playing in some cases - see the quest to a +5 library in the other thread. this for a theoretically better equilibrium. Surely on paper it will look better. In reality players will find ways to gain an advantage and there is a good risk that 2 weeks after a reboot we are economically in a worse balanced River Kingdom as we are now.

Call me risk adverse - but it is the economy that has build up over 9 month and the balance that was achieved over that time - even if some aspects of the land rush and the war of towers were flawed. But it will be difficult to have a reboot to deliver any better state - unless we give it a lot of time.

It surely would be faster as 9 month - but it would surely take at least a few month to get to a stage better as now - with the risk that you have drive off too many players in that process.
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We welcome both hard core players as well as casual players with or without tabletop experience. We have a strong group in Europe and are slowly expanding into the US. We are predominately PvE as our neutral political stance means that we tend to use PvP only in self-defence. We are not anti-PVP - but expect limited PvP opportunity with us.
Saiph the Fallen
I totally disagree, I've said it from the beginning, reboot everything but exp in smileOE.
A reboot would disproportionately effect (negatively) those groups or individuals which own settlements lacking the manpower to build up the settlement again from scratch in a timely fashion.
Saiph the Fallen
A reboot would disproportionately effect (negatively) those groups or individuals which own settlements lacking the manpower to build up the settlement again from scratch in a timely fashion.

Yet improve every other aspect of this game.
I'm not arguing against it, just pointing out my perception of some potential irony.
If they did a reboot, why do you expect to keep your xp? I'm against a reboot, but the main reason for me is the XP I paid for. I'm willing to admit my selfish reasons. I was willing to sub to a incomplete game FOR the advantage of having more xp.

Every time a "reboot" subject is brought up, it's always a complete reboot. Meaning XP also.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
If they did a reboot, why do you expect to keep your xp?
Because in the warnings about what EE is and isn't, the devs were very clear that the only thing we were guaranteed was our XP.
To reach me, email
They also told us they would not reboot. So IF we talk about a reboot, we have to assume the xp would go too, or what's the point of a reboot? Just to restart the Econemy?
If the only guarantee was xp then they could wipe everything, give us all xp, rework the entire system and inflate xp costs to give new players less of a lapse in power.

Not that I advocate this, but it's not outside the realm of possibility.
True, they guaranteed our XP.

But, I doubt they'd want to reboot as it'd wreck the economy that took a long time to build up along with other aspects that took time to get going.
And I can just see the resource stripping that'll happen from it.

A reboot will help give certain settlements a major advantage, over others in that things get wiped clean.
The EBA for example will have NO giant stock piles of Bulk goods when EoX starts being able to feud them again.
Small settlements with few active members will not be able to field as many holdings to keep their settlement going as it did before.
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