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Glittering Blast

Love the cantrip, not a big fan of the over the top light show.

I understand something with Glittering in the name should be glittering but can we something not like a defensive flare launch from a jet fighter which has detected an incoming missile.

Literally, when centered on a target, the effects are so overwhelming that the target is obscured. Because you can re-fire the cantrip before the animation ends, if you spam Glittering Blast, you can't see human sized mobs close right up to you. The effect is so bad, when I use Glittering Blast, I have to put the target on the edge of my monitor screen to be able to maintain visual contact with the target.

Make the sparkle/flare effects smaller and/or reduce the duration of the animation. I want to see the additional enemies in a mob coming up to me, not when they are in my face…
Elmin Sterro
I kind of like the over the top effect. Although, it would make more sense the cantrip would impede the targets vision, rather than the casters.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
If it helps, zooming the camera out as far as you can helps reduce the debilitating effect on the caster and their party.
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Someone in our group had a similar problem with killing joke. Got killed by a druegar right next to her she did not see.
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