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I'm Still In

I'm in.
I'm in as long as it isn't sold twisted and morphed into some shitty themepark game.
Thorgrim Foegrinder
Sylva's community has grown beyond Pathfinder Online. I asked the officers tonight if they intend on sticking it out and every response was in the affirmative. We intend to continue gaming together and hanging out on forums and holding tabletop sessions on roll20 for years to come. We hope that Pathfinder Online will continue to be one of the things we do together as a community as long as possible, and we will do what we can to help PFO succeed.
[Sylva] is the premier Nature based settlement in Pathfinder Online. We're a family that has come together through the game, and we're one of the most active settlements currently. We have a solid roleplaying foundation and are a home to those who both love and hate PvP.

[The Seventh Veil] is a meta-game group with members in several different settlements. We've created many guides and spreadsheets for the game that are referenced by hundreds of players on a daily basis and we maintain multiple websites like [], [The Storehouse], and [The Unofficial PFO Atlas] to make information more readily available. The Seventh Veil promotes positive game play at all times.
Rook Echo Woodsman
I'm in.
Stilachio Thrax
Barring a significant change to the core concept of the game, I'm still in.
Virtus et Honor

Steward of Ozem's Vigil, Lord Commander of the Argyraspides Iomedais
As long as Lisa is steering toward the vision that brought me in, I'm sticking around.
I'm here till you guys close or…crossing fingers…keep going. I won't unsubscribe. I can afford to help you guys out. :3
"There are things only the evil can do." - Akio, Utena
Thannon Forsworn
They will have to pry me from the forge! The Canis Castrum auction house will stay open and stocked to the bitter end, I pray to Abadar it does not come to that.
Thannon Forsworn
Master of Trade
Canis Castrum
I'll keep plotting until the ground falls beneath me.
I'm in.
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