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Caldeathe Baequiannia
Inns will never…
Maybe, but we haven't hit the end of the road, yet. the Dev team can see how many people are sticking at the beginning of October, I remain optimistic that a level of development will continue. I've said from day one that I doubt they will permit it to shut before the original intended OE date in about 4-6 months and I don't see anything that makes me feel different, yet.
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Caldeathe Baequiannia
Although I do not have any item purchased (I am planning to do so if the game makes it live, but not before), I hope people won't mind if I reproduce (From Paizo) my original story of Murgin's Well:

Murgin hears noise above. We climb up to see what’s coming. Not all the way. He’ll kill us if we do that. But we’re so hungry. Haven’t eaten in days. So we climb up near the top. Just enough to see what’s happening. It’s on the other side of the big door. Lots of banging and shouting and screaming. Maybe the horrid goblin has fallen and killed himself. That would teach him to be mean to Murgin. Nasty goblin! But wait, then where would we get food? Oh, please don’t be dead nasty goblin. Just hurt. A lot. Very, very hurt, but not too hurt to bring us food. Sweet blood.

We listen close. It sounds messy. And bloody! Murgin feels better. The nasty goblin always throws the hurt ones down the well for us. Murgin is so hungry. He hasn’t thrown anyone in days. We’re all skin and bones. Murgin peaks over the edge and listens more closely. It’s different. It doesn’t sound like nasty goblin. The voices are different, though we can hardly hear them through the heavy door above.

The door is open! We duck back down. Climb back into our tunnel. Hide.

Blood! Murgin smells blood. Sweet blood. Our mouth waters and we stretch up to see what comes. Oh! We dart back into the tunnel. One of them almost saw Murgin. Close the door and wait. Hungry. So Hungry. Light? Hurts. Bright light went by the door and down to the water.

Now there is someone coming down. But not right. Not falling. Not for Murgin to snatch. Climbing? Flying? This is wrong. Murgin must be careful. Hide. It is almost here. Slowly. Looking carefully about it. Dangerous thing. Nasty thing. But it smells so good. There is blood on it. Sweet blood. So hungry. Must have it! Mustn’t! Dangerous. Must have it! So hungry. Murgin is so hungry.

It comes close. Murgin throws the door open. Grabs at the thing. Claws and teeth strike at it. It’s skin is hard. Tough. Nasty. Murgin only catches it once and it does not freeze to wait for us. It is slow though. We lash out again and sinks teeth into it. Sweet blood. Fresh. Hot. Murgin shakes with excitement.

Gone! The food is gone. Vanished up the hole. Leaving nothing but a rope. Murgin reaches out. Grabs the rope. Holds it. Like spider. A hungry spider. Waiting for a fly. Come to Murgin-spider sweet food. Murgin loves you pretty things. Come to Murgin.

Murgin is afraid to peek. There are more. Murgin hears them. Lots more. A whole handful of things. All strong. Dangerous. Be careful Murgin. Wait. Ready for another chance at the food. Sweet blood.

One has taken the rope. Is pulling it up. Murgin yanks the rope. Hard. With all his weight. The food topples over and falls toward us. We snatch at it. Mustn’t miss it. If it falls in the water it is lost. It holds the rope and stops near. Waiting food. Dangling food. Bite at the food.

Talking. Talky-talk-talking. Priest talk!

Fear! Horror! A terrible thing is coming. Murgin lets go the rope. Run! Run! Far and fast. Away into the darkness. Jump over the water. Mustn’t touch the water. She will destroy Murgin if we touch the water. Down the passage. Down. Down. Down. There is nowhere else to go. Murgin stops. Huddled in the corner. Waiting to be destroyed. Fear.

The watcher goblin looks. Peers through the hole at Murgin. “Raise the alarm” he says in their nasty language. “Something’s scared the creep. Get some spears to the lock just in case. Tell Nar there may be trouble.” Nasty goblin. Murgin isn’t a creep. Murgin hopes the nasty goblin dies.

Murgin must run. Run from the horrible. But there is nowhere to go. Nowhere for Murgin to run. It comes for us. We huddle. Rock. Waiting.

Scratching above! Murgin listens. Movement. In the inner passage. Light in the old hole. Reflections on the water. Voices. It’s coming for Murgin. Please! Please no hurt Murgin. Murgin not bad. Nowhere to go. Nowhere to go.

Fear gone? Priest! Murgin spits. Filthy, nasty, priest. Murgin will eat the priest. Chew chewy priest fingers. Slurp slippery priest eyes. Warm, soft brains. Suck priest’s hot, sweet blood.

Murgin hears fight. The goblins and the new things. Goblins getting hurt bad. Nasty goblins! Kill them. Kill all the goblins. Happy. But afraid. Nasty, mean goblins. Always throwing things. Always hitting Murgin. Good they get killed. Die goblins. Die! Maybe the goblins will taste good. Will the new things give Murgin the goblins? Maybe not. Priest may not feed Murgin. Nasty priest! Don’t die goblins. Kill the nasty priest. Feed the priest to Murgin. Murgin will keep watch for goblins. Goblins feed Murgin. Feed Murgin food. Sweet blood.
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