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EE 10.2 is Live

Father Bronin
Thanks Bob. I will give it a try.
Issue with the new display for quests and achievements that you can't read the text when grouped as the background color makes the text disappear. The little icon above the mini map that tells you there's an escalation in hex is gone. Personally I preferred the old set up for both these things.

Issue that quest flags for locations of quests don't appear on the mini map.

Healing nerf. OK one can adapt to the HoT instead of immediate heal of minor cure and channel positive…but basically this eliminates Clerics as party healers which is not the intent I think. Also means nothing will go off fast enough to bring a dropped character back while bleeding out. If the issue is that clerics became unkillable due to self heal in PvP then how about adding a "heal other" orison that actually does a large amount of healing, and/or a "death's door" healing orison? Additionally when the tech is figured out, channel positive nerfed also won't damage undead properly, so that may require another fix.
Tyv Blodvaerd of Aragon
Issue with the new display for quests and achievements that you can't read the text when grouped as the background color makes the text disappear.

It is not just grouped Howard, and it is only an issue with Role Achievements that I can seen so far.
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Settlement Focus: Fighter and Rogue Training
Game Play: Escalations / Refining / Crafting / Defensive PVP
Brighthaven Leader
Minor Cure and Channel Positive Energy + Stationed Characters = Very hard to Save in PvE.
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This is good feedback. I know that it is going to be tough moving forward. Once 11 is out, I hope that the Team can focus on fixing what is "in" the game. Tweaks and stuff.

Fixing THAT STUFF is what is going to keep me around even longer. Not saying that more content isn't needed. Just that, IMO, there is a lot of juice available in fixing things that frustrate players right now.

All out conquering a settlement can sit on the back burner for a lil while, IMO.
Virtute et Armis
Tyv Blodvaerd of Aragon

Anything on Role Achievement not displaying to show next skills needed to advance?

The tooltip for most achievements is just a text version of the counter, and we verified that those were working as part of the new Objectives Window. Looks like achievements that need more complicated tooltips, like role achievements, were broken without being noticed. I'll get a bug filed for that.
I am not sure if it was the intent but minor cure at 6% heal is now pretty much only useful as a preventative self buff casting it regularly in between attacks and for out of combat healing. It is insufficient to use in any sort of emergency healing situation.

If channel positive is to remain at 9% heal (previous was 28%) you need to seriously revise the prerequisites for CPE 4 (needed for epow against T2 armors) as 24 power, which itself needs 15 in one stat, is pretty outrageous for a 9% heal.
Minor cure and channel positive energy are worthless in combat now…

channel smite is now missing from the trainers

There are several versions of Improved spells we have seen drop…are these on a spreadsheet somewhere so we can see the keywords and effects prior to learning them?
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Minor cure and channel positive energy are worthless in combat now…

Yeah I think they failed to realize that most experienced players will have regen running already so the 2 rounds of regen is not really compensating for the lost HP.

If the problem was multiple clerics spamming them in PvP a better solution would have been longer cooldowns. Or some sort of thing where the first cure effects the EPRO of a subsequent one for a short period.
Or a stacking debuffs that comes with heals that reduces the effectiveness of heals, similar to the one planned for AoE damage.
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