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EE 10.2 is Live

Tyv Blodvaerd of Aragon
Issue with the new display for quests and achievements that you can't read the text when grouped as the background color makes the text disappear.

It is not just grouped Howard, and it is only an issue with Role Achievements that I can seen so far.

Actually Bluddwolf, HowardWdW is pointing out something different here.
Virtute et Armis
Just have healing spells provide stacks of a debuff on healing. Works with the system we have now, shouldn't be too hard to code, and lets you get a few decent heals before the effectiveness starts to hit rock bottom.
Or a stacking debuffs that comes with heals that reduces the effectiveness of heals, similar to the one planned for AoE damage.

Something like that would work.

I can see the issue that enough characters in a group casting a 28% burst heal in turns would be near un-killable it needed to be fixed.

However the current solution makes non expendable cleric heals pointless (and expendable heals are once per combat). Effectively the change has made healing almost entirely dependent on consumable self heals.
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