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Is server down?
Servers up …
NO WAY guys! I'm still totally unable to load the game.
The -quality fast trick seems not working
I tried a crap configuration with my graphic card console, same result.

Client start with an economic (!) request of 1 GB RAM. After press Enter World in Character windows RAM used by PFO rise, rise, rise , and boooooom! Easy to hit my 2 GB limit.

I don't understand why my 3 GB swap file is not considered. Or it's considered but slow (or too little) for this operation? Can I use some kind of buffer?
The server was down for a bit last night, then up for a bit this morning, then apparently down again for a bit this afternoon, and now it's up again.
Nihimon murmurs in sheer ecstasy as the magic courses through his veins
<<Embrace the Power of 8!>>

Order a 8 GB RAM kit wherever you wish, fast!

Achievement complete by kyntaro on sept. 8, 2014 for 10 PT.

This achievement is part of meta-achievement <<I'll find you, Programmer!>>

c ya Thursday folks smile…maybe

By the way, THX alot for the 2 a-key to giftsmile
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