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RIP Goblinary

Kitsune the dev from goblinary gives in the towel!

Post is from The Repopuatlion forums
Great reference tool that I use almost daily. Better start printing out some of those lists I suppose.
Tyv Blodvaerd of Aragon
Great reference tool that I use almost daily. Better start printing out some of those lists I suppose.

Maybe Goblin Works could just add the information in-game as it should have been. Example: Why should we have to go out of game and to a third party resource to find out whether an item is common or uncommon? When we cursor over the item or recipe that information should be available.

It is basic things like that, PFO does not do well and that is why the whole game is basically in a RIP trajectory.
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Caldeathe Baequiannia
I don't think that stopping active development at a time when there aren't going to be many changes to the underlying code is quite the same thing as abandoning it entirely. I didn't see anything about taking it off line.
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Tyv Blodvaerd of Aragon
Maybe Goblin Works could just add the information in-game as it should have been.

Historically EVE never did, it was player created tools all the way down. The EVE attitude has always been spoon feeding players with too much in game help and providing fancy features like high res graphics and stuff like walking in stations will just attract the wrong sort of player. Ironically the more EVE has moved towards dumbing down and fancier artwork the more they are losing players.

Key differences in EVE are the availability of an API and that the historically most belligerent PvP group (Goonswarm) also created and maintained many of the most popular out of game tools such as EVEMON.
To be fair to Kitsune, he does state in that article you reference that he will probably continue to develop the Goblinary.

Though there is most likely not a whole lot to do with the development slowing down quite a bit either… only time will tell I suppose. I do agree it is a great resource, I will not be saying RIP anything until I see a 404 error when I try to go to the site smile
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The Eternal Balance
Well that pretty much totally f*&#ing sucks.
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Decided to check in to see how things were going, and was sad to see the latest announcement regarding the state of the game, then went over here to the the forums to see the general discussion only to find the same select people having the same discussion:
"Historically EVE never did"
I think one can safely say that this has been the most expensive endeavor to cater to a dozen or so EVE players that has ever existed.

It saddens me to think of the squandered potential just by fiat of the Pathfinder name. It was a great boost that could have propelled this vehicle along, I know the name got me and many others to try it, only to find it was some sort of bait and switch, ie, named Pathfinder but really striving to follow along as an EVE Frankenstein monster. The potential was there not only to use the Pathfinder name to market a video game, but if the video game lived up to be Pathfinder, it would have promoted sales of Pathfinder PnP.

It was nice to see the patch notes, a ton of stuff that I have been seeing folks ask for for a very long time, and I hope it has an impact. Like I said, the name alone gave this game great potential. That name was not just pulled out of thin air, folks like Lisa Stevens worked long, hard and diligently to create it. Hopefully under their management things will move into a Pathfinder direction, and maybe Pathfinder players will forget the stench of their first encounter with the game and reconsider at some point if changes continue in a positive direction. I don't see much hope though when there are only a half dozen posters and albeit 1/3 of them are still pushing and arguing by using EVE as their point. When people start using Pathfinder as the argumentative point, perhaps this game will show some promise.

Pathfinder can stand on it's own virtue and the virtue of it's creators and those who contributed to the idea of the Golorian world, it does not need to ride the coat-tails of EVE or any other video game. Paizo, having been conned into thinking that PFO could not stand on it's own, could not generate enough merit on the ideas of Pathfinder alone is the biggest travesty here. I don't have a crystal ball, but I would bet that most of the treasure is spent, most of the talent frustrated and at this point the hope is that some white knight will come to rescue.

Other game designers should heed well the lessons here, if nothing else can be salvaged from the wreckage, at least it can be a learning experience. At least for me, I know that if I ever consider getting involved in a new MMO and the words "sandbox", "crowdforged" or "Eve" are anywhere on the forums, I'll quickly move on.
Our family still loves and continues to play Pathfinder and we love Paizo to death, we just had no interest in EVE.
We wish everyone here, everyone at Paizo and especially Ms. Lisa Stevens the best of luck and warm regards,
Gluggo and Toots
Caldeathe Baequiannia
They should have said from day one, "If you want to play PFO because you want to play in the Pathfinder World, wait until the game is finished." It's never going to be actual Pathfinder, but the vast majority of the flavour that will make it feel like Pathfinder is art and background (like factions) related and is not going to be readily apparent for months.
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The Goblinary is Alive and Well

Kitsune and I will be continuing to support the Goblinary at least as long as either one of us are supporting the game with our subscriptions.

Reports of the demise of the Goblinary are premature and unappreciated.
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