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Multiple Crafting Queue options

So I have some suggestions on possible methods for multiple crafting queues.

First, the reason we need multiple queues. Crafting times are VERY long, I don't mind this, but with T3 items taking a week or more to make a dedicated crafter will queue a T3 item and then not even log in again for that week. I do think there should be limits placed on the queues however.

Some options that I know have been talked about is just getting a second queue, getting a queue per settlement or even a queue per craft. The later two would probably be the easiest to implement, but are probably a bit too much.

As a limiter, one option would be to combine the first and last, give us a second queue, but it has to be used for a different craft then the first queue.

Another option is to make it so you have one queue per Tier, so you can queue T1 items in a T1 queue, T2 items in a T2 queue and T3 items in a T3 queue. This way dedicated crafters automatically get their extra queues based on the Tier of the items they can make. This would give the potential for 3 queues, but is far more limiting then the other options on what you can make with each of them. Only the most dedicated crafters will have 3 queues and even then that 3rd queue is only usable for T3 goods.
It might be easy, and make sense, to have a 2nd queue that runs at half speed. That would let you queue up small jobs while a big job is already going.

I also think they should reconsider the crafting times, as Stephen was doing.
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Caldeathe Baequiannia
Or a shorter time limit? A second queue that can't hold jobs taking more than 1 or 2 hours to start instead of 24?
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Disagree - if crafting T3 is a problem because of the time it takes then discuss the problem. Personally I think it is about right( with current durability hits etc). Those items should take a really long time to complete.

I Also think that if this game takes back off you don’t want crafting to feel like it is already covered by a handful of characters that can do everything. ( if the game does get a new dev in the project I would love it if they scraped the entire system and made it 10 times more intricate/ interesting..)

Finally after all the make the game feel more like pathfinder.. in TT you can only work on one item at a time if you start another project you lose the original item you started and the stuff used to make it…
The biggest question I have with multiple queues is this: will there be work for Tier 1 and Tier 2 crafters and refiners?

How many of us want to run crafters and refiners? How many future players will also want to run crafters and refiners? Will there be enough work?

Perhaps… (crazy idea time) … Perhaps, just as people can identify a outpost as their "job site", characters can identify a crafting structure, instead of an outpost as a job site. A structure with sufficient Tier 1 capable characters on the job (apprentices) can support an additional queue for the Tier 2 journeymen. A structure with enough journeymen who identify it as their job site can support an additional queue for the Tier 3 master craftermen.
At some point, crowdforging suggestions seem to be like fan fiction. Some good, some bad, some repetitious and predictable. But maybe there are some gems out there.
Baron Malthius
I like the idea of having one item at a time to be crafted for a different craft/different building. That will allow a bit more to be done by existing crafters while not allowing crafters too much free reign. So basically, someone could make some refined mats while that T3 armor is still in the queue. Keep the queue times the same so there will remain a hard limit.

As for making it more like the TT, if this crafting system is going to mimic the TT then more changes need to happen IMO. Not everything is going to translate from the TT into an MMO. This can always be tweaked if the game starts to take off and the population grows again.

Besides, people already get around these crafting concerns by simply making more accounts anyway. Changes to the crafting system need to be done to reduce the need for additional accounts in the first place. If new players come to the game, what kind of message does it send that in order to get anything meaningful done you have to have at least three to four accounts? One additional account is one thing, but how many new players are gonna be attracted to a game that is still in Alpha and requires paying at least three or four subscriptions just to keep up?
I really like Yrme's ideas about assigning Crafters to specific Stations.
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I think this concern is very valid. If the norm for incoming players is that they're like me and have one account with one character earning XP, having them tie up their queue for a week crafting one item means they can't do a whole lot. We either need to make sure there are plenty of things for each type of character to do (such as by reducing crafting times), make it easy for a character to do multiple things (this idea could be quite a bit crazier, like giving separate experience pools for combat and non-combat feats), or make it easy to have multiple full-XP characters on one account (as in 2-3, not enough that you could do everything yourself but enough that you could have a crafter and a combat character).
Cleric of Sarenrae
… or make it easy to have multiple full-XP characters on one account (as in 2-3, not enough that you could do everything yourself but enough that you could have a crafter and a combat character).

I think there would be a lot fewer people clamoring for Destiny's Twin accounts if they could simply pay an additional subscription (preferably at a discount) to have a 2nd or 3rd Character on their Account gain XP.
Nihimon murmurs in sheer ecstasy as the magic courses through his veins
I personally think the crafting queues are fine as-is for the most part. T3 *should* take a long time. We also need to keep in mind that crafting T3 right now means using a facility with a quality of 120 - presumably much lower than a very high level smithy will provide once we can build our own. T3 is not meant to be "the new T2," T3 is meant to be something very special, whereas T2 will continue to be our go-to gear for the rest of our PFO careers. What such long queue times does is add value to crafters - you need a number of armorsmiths to really make any headway into T3, whereas many crafters are largely running empty queues because their products aren't in demand (or not in demand enough given the queue times). IMO what we should be more concerned about, rather than how long T3 queues are, is making sure more crafts can more effectively run fuller queues.
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