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Quick! New questions needed.

Caldeathe Baequiannia
Bob and Mike are swapping chats, so we need Bob questions for tonight.
To reach me, email
Sorry about the short notice. Mike got trapped by all the traffic from the Chinese President's visit today, while I got dismissed from jury duty and became available.
Harad Navar
Lee Hammock has said in the past that "low hanging fruit is good". Assuming that low hanging fruit means very little art and programming resources are required, what about Tier 2 and 3 racial traits? Possibly a tier level multiplier on racial bonuses?. For the future options, could improved racial traits (like for drow) mean increased resistances/recovery, bonus feats, etc?
Knowledge can explain the darkness, but it is not a light.
Here you go. smile
Virtute et Armis
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