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Settlement Kits for EE11

Caldeathe Baequiannia
Will we be able to use the assorted songs, psalms, writings, texts and insane meanderings to make codices for the libraries?

Not at the moment, but we've often talked about making it possible to craft a collection of those writings into some kind of book. It's possible that sometime post-EE11 I could look into doing something similar to the codices with them, though I've always hoped we could get some tech that would make it so that you can only craft the collection when you have all the writings available in a particular group. Definitely worth looking into though.
We looked into the facility rating issue and the new plan for player settlements is to hook the facility rating into your settlement level, much like training. Your facility ratings start at 60 if you don't pay upkeep (settlement level 9), then rise to 70 at level 10, 85 at level 11, and 100 at level 12. After that, they rise by 25 for each settlement level until they hit 300 at settlement level 20.

When upgrading becomes available, the rule will pretty much be that each facility has a rating of 50 at +0, and gains 50 points for each upgrade.
I submitted the list for Forgeholm.
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Turns out that any kits I hand out prior to EE11 wouldn't be as inactive as I thought. To prevent any accidental usage, we'll wait until EE11 goes live and the kits are all properly set up before distributing these. Really glad I tested them out a bit before getting any handed out.

Even without the head-start, I should be able to get the bulk of the kits distributed within a day or two of EE11 going live. I'll still distribute them in roughly the order that requests are sent in (I'll jump around a bit depending on which designated recipients are available at any given time), but do take your time and make sure the list you send in is really what you want.

PS: I've edited all of my previous posts in this thread saying that I'd be distributing things early to reflect this change.
Lol, yay for testing! smile
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