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Settlement Kits for EE11

Duffy Swiftshadow
I would personally love the pick em route for HE. Our goal is LE cathedral, large wizard building, and rogue and skirmisher mediums. Rest of the slots are wiggle room and targeting our few crafters. Our default template would require a lot of waste or trading to get close.

Canis and Sunholm are actually pretty okay with the template tho I'm sure they would like a few swaps or picks on some of the smaller buildings.
Being able to swap one of each building size is a bit redundant, since all class combo templates have the two large buildings they may want.
When I said 3 buildings, I ment ANY 3 buildings of ANY size
(i.e. swapping; 3 smalls, 3 mediums, 1 of each, 2 mediums and 1 small, 2 smalls and 1 medium, 1 Large and 2 mediums etc).

Fair point. Once you've had your pick of templates, I guess odds are pretty good that you've already chosen the one with the large buildings you wanted.

I'd be fine with 3 swaps of any size.
Thanks for the reply, Bob. Ozem's would/will be perfectly content with what was laid out by that last update from Lee, or modified now by The God Called Bob. smile

As long as everyone can get equal treatment under whatever decision is made. I know that Ozem's has one very close friendly settlement that would like options for a different or altered template. The fact that there are more than one or two settlements under completely different ownership/leadership than the initial setup might be a justifiable reason to ask for some variety.

Bottom line, we (Ozem's) do not want your task to be unreasonably more difficult than it has to be. It would be just as terrible to Break the Bob as it would be to Break the Mike.
Virtute et Armis
Fanndis Goldbraid
I don't see where this issue would cause anyone butthurt. With a skeleton crew at GW I am sure they are doing the best they can. Let's settle down and work with them on this.
I definitely appreciate the concern about crushing me under the workload, but even giving everyone complete choice of 8 small, 3 medium and 3 large structures is feasible. It would just take longer and potentially push more settlements into not getting their kits on launch day.

I'm also sympathetic to the concerns that making things too easy on everyone has problems, but I think with the current player levels it will still be a reasonable challenge for settlements to build beyond the base kits they'd be receiving, not to mention the need for more +2 through +5 kits in the future. I also think there'd still be some incentive for some settlements to trade between each other, as some settlements might prefer more or less buildings of certain sizes.

All in all, I'm happy to do the extra work involved if the community is okay with slower delivery of the kits and generally agrees that the extra choice is good for the game at this point in time. It would certainly help ensure that there's a good variety of training and crafting available across the map shortly after EE11 goes live.

I'd also like to say that I'm deeply appreciative of all the contstructive feedback that's been give here, and even more appreciative that so many of you have stuck with us through all the ups and downs of the development process. That gives me more than enough incentive to reward everyone with a little extra choice here.
How will any delay actually affect us? We will not be able to train some things and we will not be able to craft some things until the buildings are up. Is that about it?
Virtute et Armis
Tyv Blodvaerd of Aragon
How will any delay actually affect us? We will not be able to train some things and we will not be able to craft some things until the buildings are up. Is that about it?

I believe so, and that is not really a big deal. I'm at the point it takes 7 - 10 days to train whatever I really want.
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1- What is the rush? I leans towards more player agency and choice not less of it.

2- My preference is:
A- Everyone selects a new template with up to three building swaps (as mentioned a few posts above) or
B- Everyone selects 3L/3M/8S buildings of their choice; level playing field (you can still trade,sell,buy,upgrade later)
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The only issues that occur to me right now would be an inability to train, craft, or run auctions until you can build those structures. Any crafting you'd already started, items you'd already offered to sell, or bids you'd set up, would continue to operate in the background. If anyone else can think of something they do at a structure, or by interacting with characters associated with a structure, those would also be blocked.

That said, I'm pretty sure I'd get everything handed out within a couple days, so it wouldn't be a long delay.
Brighthaven Leader
What ever your decision can you give us at least a week or so to figure out everything if it changes from Lee's plan? Also, will you be notifying each settlement of how many +2 Kits they will be getting a head of time?
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