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EE11 Custom Settlements Plans/Declarations of Training & Focus

    Keeper's Pass.

  • Large: Auction House
  • Large: Guildhouse
  • Medium: Smith
  • Medium: Lab
  • Medium: Spellwright
  • Medium: Cooperative (need recipe)
  • Medium: Temple of Sarenrae (need recipe - may build Desna temporarily)
  • Medium: Seminary (under construction)

  • Small: Geologist
  • Small: Apothecary
  • Small: Smeltmill
  • Small: Tannery
  • Small: Loom
  • Small: Arcanist Workshop
  • Small: Library
  • Small: Tailor
  • Small: Sawmill (under construction)
  • Small: Jeweler (under construction)

Cathedral of Freedom (Cleric, Seminary, Sarenrae, Gorum, Desna)
Garrison (Fighter, Dreadnaught, Skirmisher)

Lab (Alchemist, Engineer)
Smith (Armorsmith, Weaponsmith)
Cooperative (Bowyer, Leatherworker)

All Refiners
Myl - Herald of Stone Bear Clan (Tavernhold)
"You can walk into Tavernhold but a horse will have to carry you out."
Quijenoth Starkiller

Auction House
Cathedral of Law

Boutique (coming soon)
Cooperative (coming soon)
Smith (coming soon)

Arcanist workshop
Alchemist Lab
Institute of Technology (coming soon)
(one empty)

Result: All refiners, all crafters plus Expert, Freeholder and Cleric training
Quijenoth Starkiller Viceroy of Callambea
Company Leader of Beyond the Grave -
Crafting Planner
Quijenoth Starkiller
Cheatle, Hammerfall is listing 2 too many medium buildings
Quijenoth Starkiller Viceroy of Callambea
Company Leader of Beyond the Grave -
Crafting Planner
Thorgrim Foegrinder
Quijenoth Starkiller
Cheatle, Hammerfall is listing 2 too many medium buildings
Brighthaven and Blackwood Glade are listing one too few each. They used the kits in Hammerfall instead.

Sylva is going to focus on providing for its members the ability to refine anything. One of our strengths is gathering, so this will allow us to be self reliant for the next step. We would love to trade refined or even raw materials with other settlements. Other building choices were done with roleplaying in mind, as we do have a medium focus on roleplaying as a settlement (for example: doubling up on skirmisher because those were the buildings we wanted).

Our structure list is below:

  • Garrison (Fighter, Dreadnaught, Skirmisher)
  • Guild House (Expert, Freeholder, Rogue, Skirmisher)

  • Cooperative (Bowyer, Leatherworker)
  • Smith (Weaponsmith, Armorsmith)
  • Boutique (Jeweler, Tailor)

  • Sawmill
  • Smeltmill
  • Tannery
  • Loom
  • Geologist
  • Apothecary
  • Arcanist's Workshop
  • Institute of Technology
[Sylva] is the premier Nature based settlement in Pathfinder Online. We're a family that has come together through the game, and we're one of the most active settlements currently. We have a solid roleplaying foundation and are a home to those who both love and hate PvP.

[The Seventh Veil] is a meta-game group with members in several different settlements. We've created many guides and spreadsheets for the game that are referenced by hundreds of players on a daily basis and we maintain multiple websites like [], [The Storehouse], and [The Unofficial PFO Atlas] to make information more readily available. The Seventh Veil promotes positive game play at all times.
Emerald Lodge

We still have support level 18 - so might be a good place to craft at the moment. I might keep it high for a while if there are enough crafters who want to craft in this central place. I will need to check it out. Auction house still needs to be filled - I'm away the weekend for a convention - so there might be a week delay.
There is currently no Wizard training - this is planned - but looking at Hope's End it might make more sense to get to an agreement with them. Need to check with some of our more ardent wizards if that is acceptable as they got the short straw.
Artificer Workshop and library need to be build (aka I need to log in and get it done).

We don't have a Leather Worker or an Iconographer.


Auction House


Occultist School - only in planning stage
War Wizard School - only in planning stage
Wizard Academy - only in planning stage

Arcanist's Workshop
Artificer's Workshop - have recipe - needs to be crafted
Library - have recipe and have 80% of +4 material - still working on +5 for a level 20
Thod/Theodum are the OOC/IC leaders of the Emerald Lodge - a neutral settlement in the center of the mal that tries to the first to explore the Emerald Spire - should that part of the game ever become available. We have a strong in game and out of game relationship with the Pathfinder Society.
We welcome both hard core players as well as casual players with or without tabletop experience. We have a strong group in Europe and are slowly expanding into the US. We are predominately PvE as our neutral political stance means that we tend to use PvP only in self-defence. We are not anti-PVP - but expect limited PvP opportunity with us.
Hammerfall medium building list shows Temple of Gorum and Lab which are not going to be placed
Leader of Marsh Wardens and Steward of Hammerfall
Brighthaven Leader
Beltrane, thought the Lab was going to be placed? I just haven't gotten it yet.
Brighthaven is a Neutral Good settlement focused on defending its citizens and its allies from negative fringe based PvP (Player Killing and Griefing) while striving to become a large and shining beacon for Good. Whether you wish to benefit from this protection or you love PvP and wish to assist in providing this protection, Brighthaven aims to be the home and support center for you!
Auction House

Lab (Alchemist, Engineer)
Cooperative (Bowyer, Leatherworker)
Spellwright (Artificer, Iconographer)
Workhouse (Freeholder)
Workshop (Expert)
Boutique (Jeweler, Tailor)

Small (10)
Apothecary (Apothecary)
Geologist (Gemcutter)
Sawmill (Sawyer)
Smeltmill (Smelter)
Tannery (Tanner)
Loom (Weaver)
Arcanist's Workshop (Sage)
Weaponmaster (Weaponsmith)
Armorer (Armorsmith)

All Gathering, Refining, and Crafting along with Expert, Freeholder and Cleric support.
Cheatle, we can place the lab but whatever medium gets removed I will have to get the corresponding smalls to fill the need the medium would have done.
Leader of Marsh Wardens and Steward of Hammerfall
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