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Pre-reqs for level 15 and 16 crafters are unrealistic

the pre-reqs to bust thru gates were set at a time when it was presumed by GW that enchantments were going to be in the game

please change the T2+4 and T2+5 pre-reqs to T3+0

have been smelting since January and have 1 Dwarven Steel Wire +5, 7 Gold Bars +5, and NO OTHER +5 mat!!!!

simply put, I cannot make a T2+5 refine

and thus I can't craft a T2+5 item

also, my armorsmith is stuck because he can't craft a T2+4 item

as an owner of several subs I would like to keep subbing but I will have to cancel my subs if I am completely gated

Dreamless crafter status:

Armorsmith 14 gate slammed shut at 14 can't enter 15

Weaponsmith 15 has made a T2+4 item and thus has the 15 rank but is now perma-stuck with zero access to +5 refines so just clubs and daggers

Bowyer 15 has made a T2+4 item and thus has the 15 rank but is now perma-stuck with zero access to +5 refines

Iconographer is only 13 but will be stuck too
Refiner status:

Smelter 15 but no one to smelt for

Sawyer 14
We have crafters that have beaten all 10 finished crafting with +5 Uncommons that are ready for level 16 next week.

If you need refined goods let me know. It helps to have 180+ skill in refining. The facility rating is also important. How long you've been refining doesn't matter if your skill was low at the time. You will be able to raise the facility rating higher than 200 in the next patch, so keep that in mind too. Note that your refiners do not need to meet the +4 and +5 requirements, so your smelter and sawyer should be fine if you collect at least one +3 uncommon recipe. We can also provide refined goods so your level 14 can keep making T3 armor if you have the mats. It's also important to consider the Item Quality. Your iconographer, for example, will be able to get +5 much easier if you make a seeker's charge gem that uses tier 1 components. If you're trying to make something with 160 or higher item quality then it's going to be much tougher. You should also invest in the highest armor feat your refiner can wear and spend xp on role features. If your skill is high enough you don't need as many +5 ingredients to make a +5 finished good.

Please do not change this requirement; it was a challenge and it would be sad to see all that hard work go for nothing.

Getting to level 17 is going to be MUCH more difficult (T3 Uncommon +2).
Facility quality actually has nothing to do with your actual chance of higher + procs, just how long it take to refine. I would assume in this case that coach's problem is less his chance to proc (though higher is always better of course), but more his inability to refine large quantities due to lack of raw.
If the devs could confirm that Fiery it would be nice to know. Anecdotal experience has shown more +4s and +5s refined and fewer +4s and +5s needed to finish goods based on skill. I have tested by removing armor and role features, and though I haven't done it yet we could also test by taking the same number of mats to another town to see if it takes the same # of +s on a refined good to make the same finished +.

Edit: Tested and confirmed that facility rating does not matter but skill level does.
Of course skill affects it…just not facility quality. We have the equations (and confirmation they're working as intended in the game), and the only thing facility quality affects is craft-time.
Since the gate for refining allows for up to level 18 with making +3 Uncommon T2 and +0 Uncommon Tier 3 it's very easy for refiner skill to be higher than it is today. As more people rank their refining there will be more +4s and +5s on the market.

Coach I will trade +4s and +5s to help you with your gates if you have any settlement kit or Tier 3 recipes to trade. Send me a message on (Haagen). You can also ask other people to refine for them, and given enough time and gathering you should be able to break those gates.
Fanndis Goldbraid
It appears to be a volume thing. There seems to be about an 8% chance for a bonus +1, and about a 2% chance for a bonus +2, so for every 100 ingots or wire you make, you should get (on average) 8 +4 and 2 +5. Making ingots or plates means you see lee because there are only 5 units in each batch versus wire or bars which have plentiful unit output, thereby increasing the chance for each individual unit to proc a crit.
well my problem is that i played 80% time as martial character so fiery was close in his prediction

wasn't lack of raw mats (have 1000s of each) and amassed 82 gold (Yay for capitalism since Jan 1!) spread over 4 DT accounts so did plenty of crafting to make that gold

but as not commy didn't get the communal crit donations to help

was more just make just enough for my business and equipping EoXers

i wonder if you all will join my argument when the pre-req is T2+6 item?

you guys know that was in the code right?

and seeing as they forgot to take other stuff out they could have left that in too
and my second problems is I wasn't a dwarf smelter lol
To clarify, the requirement is a T2 U6 item, which correlates to T2+5 (0-5 is 6, thus 6 achievements).

And yea, not being a dwarf hurts (15 skill over humans).
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