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keepside chat Oct 14th 2015

Will there be a Fireside Chat this week, and if so Who?
I can do one tonight if we've got a host.
If Hoffman's not around due to RL, I could try hosting for Tonight.

We'll need questions for the masses
(Let's try to keep Settlement building questions to a minimum since they were asked about for the past 3 firesides)
Garric Orcsbane
I will be there if they are done with the electrical work in the house in time.
PFU Hoffman
I am wrapped up with work but Azure can have his way with Bob. smile
Pathfinder University - A place for new players in their first 90 days.
I may not be able to make it. Yet, (later) I would love to hear what Bob thinks about making some of the T1 and T2 resources a bit more localized.

Some care and thought might have to be put into it, as some things are really important to have around for new players and casual crafters.

I believe that it would stimulate some cross country trade and open up opportunities for content. The only real objections (TBF: expressions that stuff is scarce enough already) that I have seen are from fairly large scale manufacturers.

I would also like to throw out the idea that the maximum hex yields should be halved. I mean across the board for crafting materials.

Edit: I almost forgot an even more important thing (IMO). Can we get some coin sinks soon? Not just, "goodbye coin!". Some things that add to the experience of the average player. Something that makes players WANT coin.

Edit 2: Dangit! One more thing. How about shaking up the T3 crafting mats every 90 real days, or so?
Virtute et Armis
Caldeathe Baequiannia
I'd like to hear what he thinks about putting fewer T# resources in a hex, but making them fully regenerate on a random schedule, much like the escalations, but not tied to the escalations. But I won't be there to hear it.
To reach me, email
Thanks for hosting, Azure!
Your Welcome Bob

Keepside Chat
Shaking up the T3 resources every 90 days is an odd request.

For those who like a sense of permanency in the game, scheming to monopolize a particular resource (including the diplomacy and warring required) should require only local force projection. Shake it up every 90 days and you lose permanent localism and force a monopolist to have the ability to project force globally.

For those who don't want a sense of permanence, why pick 90 days? 90 days is a very long time to do without access to something you need. Heck, you could just make it random or shake things up every day or week.

I tend towards wanting a sense of permanence, but the downside is that inevitably all the best stuff will mysteriously spawn near Brighthaven and my settlement will get the t3 equivalent of COPPER. smile
He who wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper.
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