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Boot and Glove actions

Caldeathe Baequiannia
In that case there is a bug, because my ring with Lithe did lighten up my Tumble action Lithe keyword, but did not improve the duration.
Since there is no duration to Tumble, I think it probably improved the range covered by a foot or two.
Distances are unchanged by effect power. There was some discussion about whether that should be the case.
Duffy Swiftshadow
Utility moves are in a weird spot but they do work. Things that do not have a numeric effect are not affected by Keywords right now. So things like Tumble, Feint, or Charge don't need keywords. Things that have rounds or numerical effects like a Heal or Divine Favor do need Keywords. If your Utility Keywords do not keep up with your Armor's Keywords you will see diminishing returns due to the Effect Power and Effect Protection System.

While the UI will light up any matching keywords this is a bit misleading. You actually need to equip a Utility item that corresponds with the Utility Feat's Type (Boot or Glove at the moment) for it to activate and start pulling Keywords from all the other Utility Items properly. When you get the Utility Feat to T2 you will need a T2 version of the item for that Feat's Type equipped to get the Masterwork keyword properly (again Boot or Glove at the moment).
Ah, I see … It seems that is a system that needs a bit if love, but so are some other parts of this game also :-)
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Thanks for that explanation, Duffy.
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Duffy Swiftshadow
What's even a bit more awkward is that when you make the jump to T2 Utility moves you actually need to add a new item in one of your other slots since you're now gonna be using that matching type slot for the Masterwork match instead of whatever word was there before. This can cause a whole shift in your utility item setup depending on which keywords your trying to fit.
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