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steam or greenlight ?

I think …. push PFO to greenlight is good path …

any good idea ?
Might be in the super minority here..

But unless we get funding at this point it is probably better to just push to your friends that may be interested. Any sort of mass release / marketing will be met with more venom and bad press.
The game needs investors, and anyone picking it up may need to re brand it ( definitely will need to polish what is here a bunch), pushing to a service like that now will mean any investor will have a hard time marketing to those users in the future.
Duffy Swiftshadow
It was brought up and I believe they said they'll look into what that would entail but it's not any sort of priority. Right now it's probably not worth the effort and costs, but maybe when they get an investor and the game solidifies some more they can pursue that course.
What shape was Rust in when it was put onto Steam? Was every single piece of meat a Chicken breast? How much variety were there in character models?

Terrible, yes and none.
Virtute et Armis
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