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Keepside Chat Oct 21th 2015

Will there be a Keepside chat this Wednesday?

or should I Host it again this week, if we have a Dev who'd like to answer questions?
I think there is only one question most people are thinking.. How is the search for investors going? IDK how many people are still subbed, but I know theirs less and less people ingame.
Pretty much the only thing that matters any more.
And that is a question they will answer in detail when the time comes, right now we have to live with the good vague answer.
I've also noticed activity sliding down a bit more….. Problem is that, that is a re-enforcing negative feedback loop given the map size and low population.

Heck we should ALL be on ONE Voice comm system, for now, so we CAN interact with WHO IS ONLINE in a more effective communication method.
Meh, i'm done giving them the benefit of the doubt like I have for 3 years. I'll play the game again if its good in four months but if its not I hope something takes its place. So much potential wasted. They are getting my money for me to have fun, and pfo just isn't right now.
Fanndis Goldbraid
I'm with you Phyllain. Kept my sub running along with a DT account (I did dropped three superfluous accounts as they were excess even when there was stuff to do), but without even a blog entry advising how things are going, it is hard to remain hopeful. Still though….
If they let it slide this week, I'll be okay with that. I can't really think of anything new that needs discussed until the next release is deployed.
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Duffy Swiftshadow
They have mentioned investor meetings and talks every single week anyone has talked to a GW rep (which includes up to last week). You cannot usually share these talks legally (not to mention ethically) and therefore cannot tell us any details at all until a deal is finalized.

So either they are talking to potential investors like they continue to say or they are lying, I doubt the latter case personally. I don't know what you want them to say that they aren't already saying. Pretty dam sure as soon as a deal gets locked down or if all talks seize they will make an announcement of some sort, would be stupid not to.
True! But the end of the moth is coming closer and we are jumping from one foot to another … and I guess plenty of folks begin to feel very tired in their legs indeed…
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Duffy Swiftshadow
The last time it was asked (right before October started) the servers are running indefinitely on current funding and Lisa will tell us with significant lead time if it looks like the server would have to be taken offline and thus avoid charging us for time we would never get.
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