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Latency creating awesome new AI for mobs

Over the past ~2 weeks I have seen some strange and unusual mob behaviour from the Mordant Spire. I am getting hit more often, stunned to the point of near death and mobs that look like they are 20m away can somehow hit me with melee attacks. At first I thought it was some new AI upgrade that made them into super Mordants, but I think that latency is the issue with the number of mobs on the screen or in the surrounding area.

I am all the way over in NZ, half a world away, but have really only noticed the excessive latency recently.

It actually makes it far more exciting with an edge of danger that is filling the void EoX has temporarily left…

Mobs can hit you from further away on the clientside (what you actually see on your screen)
Groups only partially reset and some are still in combat animations when reset while some are still aggro on players
Face tanking champs is more fun because who knows what might happen…
Archeologists cold attacks seem to have become more powerful (the slow at least)
Champs and defenders elemental attacks seem to cut through armour like butter
Whole groups "leash" when 1 mob reaches the "leash border"

Other notes:
Ping time is still reasonable (~213-ish) but "latency" spikes from ~1900 up to ~4000+
Framerates are reasonable (~25-30fps) on "fantastic" setting
No extra clientside applications running over and above what is normally running

All this equates to "tougher" mobs with seemingly more varied AI. There is little consistency in some of these observations, but latency has given us (well, me at least) some new challenge in the current content!

Has anyone else encountered "latency AI" in the past couple of weeks?

- Jasc
I have not noticed any issues from east coast Australia.
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I just ran some Mordants with a group from Sylva and didn't experience any noticeable weirdness.

- Pings were reasonable
- Framerates all good
- Latency was all over the place, but was mainly "green" (still spiked up to 7k+) and didn't hit any red patches (because we all know that red is bad!)

I decided to kite the champs when they were on me and we all survived to see another day.

Still not sure how that mysterious thing called the interwebs actually works, but it was iffy this morning and much better this afternoon.

I will keep an eye on things and see if it is time-related or just randomness.

- Jasc
How are you monitoring the ping times? I'll keep an eye on it too although I'll also have to find a control to compare it against.
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Caldeathe Baequiannia
In a quick run-about this morning, I consistently got 80-90 fps on fast and 45-60 on "fantastic", even with 8 wolves and two goblins attacking me (pulled from two different camps). But I don't think the second number is at all related to ping. It's bits (or bytes) per second up/down.

It also was deserted in town at 5:00am, and I think that the only numbers that really matter are when you have at least 2 full parties-worth of other players on the screen.
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I think the FPS frame colour has some meaning. When I "lag", the FPS frame goes to orangey/yellow and then on to red at which point hits from half a screen away occur.

Ping is usually ~216-240, which is reasonable for internet games when playing from NZ.

Latency is not lag itself, but lag is a manifestation of high latency in which the client and server are not synced so what is happening on my screen is not what the server thinks is happening because the server probably has 0 latency… being a server and all where all the server logic is processed.

I have had some similar experience with the "new AI" on a couple of different characters, so it could be:
- just me and my imagination
- the complexity of the terrain in the swamps (because of all the grass and shiny water)
- the number of mobs "on-screen" in my vicinity when fighting in the swamps (stormcaller groups are ~12+ and you can have 2 on-screen at the same time)
- general internet latency
- local PC processing and bandwidth issues
- overall server load in the swamps (everyone is killing my Mordant friends)
- something else
- a combination of all the above

My in-game experience is that the "new AI" is a little scary, but more exciting. I know the game hasn't been fully optimised, and the perceived latency could be creating "content" for us while we wait on EE11 to hit the test servers ;-)

- Jasc
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