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EE11 To Zog Soon

Things are still looking good for putting EE11 on Zog tomorrow. The build has been put through its paces on our internal servers to verify that all the latest fixes made it in, including a quick smoke test to verify that all the basic functionality still works properly. The installers are being built and should finish up shortly. After that, the last remaining bits are to push the new build out to the servers and set Zog to switch to the new build during downtime. Biggest risk at this point is that there's a fair amount of data to transfer for this build, and the internet's always a bit unpredictable, but we should be able to get everything moved over in time.

One small bummer is that we found a few small issues in the build that make it no longer a final candidate, but they're small enough problems (and the fixes are safe enough) that they don't interfere with going ahead and testing the current build on Zog. Admittedly, we're still likely to find additional issues once more people get a look at the build, so chances are that we'd have to do at least one more iteration anyway.
We're not going to be able to get Zog ready before downtime tomorrow, but the installers are finished up and the bulk of the data should be distributed to the servers by the time we get back into the office in the morning. We plan to finish getting Zog ready at that time, then restart the servers and bring EE11 up. Hopefully this will just mean a delay of a few hours.
Zog is temporarily off-line while we switch it over to EE11. Once the servers come back up, I'll do a quick check just to make sure everything's running, then let you all know that you can start syncing to the new client. Hopefully things will be back up in about an hour.
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