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Core Recruiting for Albion Online

You are a Troll
I agree - poor form.
I saw it as a bordeline trolling, just to ignore and move on…
Schedim: Peddler and dealer in stuff easily transported, restless wandering the land of the River. Trying to find out how to reawaken the cult of Hanspur. To realise this ambition I created the company named Rats of Hanspur.
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Tyv Blodvaerd of Aragon
Considering that Ryan used to poo poi the notion that any other game was competition for PFO, I don't see the issue

As you're so often to point out, Ryan isn't here anymore so that isn't an excuse.
Myl - Herald of Stone Bear Clan (Tavernhold)
"You can walk into Tavernhold but a horse will have to carry you out."
When PFO players go to other games, they are probably creating new future PFO players.

EoX is making all kinds of connections and spreading the word in multiple games. While I can't say it with surety, there is every possibility that when EoX becomes active again we could have twice as many members as before.

Elsworth Sugarfoot has become one of the most followed and sought out PvP leaders in ESO in just a matter of weeks. It wouldn't surprise me at all if people followed him back to PFO if we can ever lure him back.

It's not unbelievable that a guild could take the layoffs as a vacation from PFO and come back ten times stronger. Good for that guild and good for GW's bank account.
He who wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper.
-Edmund Burke
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