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Pathfinder Online Investment Update

I've got a hunch that the "Demanding investor" in question has to do with the thorny issue of the conditions under which Paizo can revoke the Pathfinder IP license; if those conditions are as loosely defined as previously implied, I can understand why new money might want some protection, but making those conditions tighter is an entirely new problem.
And I have seen deals with less money where everyone agreed with everything and all they had to do is sign - nothing more not even crossing t's and dotting i's that took longer.

It really depends on the lawyers and the investors. It could be someone being demanding and it also could be a very picky lawyer or an overly cautious one or someone who wants to read the documents a hundred times before signing, sleep on it, do a magic dance or whatever.

The point is we have no idea and there is no way to predict a timeline. Could it be bad news? Yeah but could just as easy be very good news. I choose to trust Lisa and if she is hopeful, I take it as a good sign.
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Caldeathe Baequiannia
Lisa also said that the teams were in agreement in January, but that new-corp required external funding. It's possible that the funding they found is contingent on a much tighter set of paperwork than the interested parties had agreed to.
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Can only say from watching things afar .. things are not don’t till they are ..
I work for a company that owns a bunch of restaurants..

A franchisor approached us about buying a certain market .. we spent 9 months doing due diligence and prepping to take them over.. When it came to finally sign the contract after 9 months of working on the deal.. the franchisor demanded that in addition to buying the stores we had to agree to build ___ new stores in that market..

My company said we would agree to build 0 Stores in the market..

After 9 months of negotiating with good faith and intent to get the deal done on both sides .. That one issue kept the deal from being completed..

With 4 companies involved , even it things are moving along nothing is going to be concrete until it is actually signed. Until the deal is signed, expect the same response. Things are going well, things are progressing etc ..
if one of these groups starts putting in demands that don’t make sense from another perspective.. just hope that doesn’t kill the whole deal. As long as folks are moving forward and talking it is a good thing..

Lisa Stevens
I've seen multi-million dollar deals that took less time.

My guess is that at least one investor or creditor is being very demanding.

My opinion is… if everyone was unanimously and equally on board with a plan, even dotting the i's and crossing the t's in legalese wouldn't be holding it up THIS long.

I've seen corporate bankruptcies that took less time going through the courts.

I've even seen a real estate sale for a hotel development take less time, and those are fraught with city planning issues.

You are right that there are surely instances of many negotiations of this size that have taken less time than this has taken. And you can find plenty of cases where it took much much longer. Unfortunately, this one is taking longer than anyone wants, but is progressing nicely. I will let you know that Newcorp has been putting money towards the current expenditures for PFO while things are finishing up. They wouldn't do that if they didn't think it was likely to go through. Now is it a guarantee? No. Because if it was a guarantee then we would be moving forward. But it is likely. And they are behaving as it that is the case. They have even hired a real estate firm to start looking for office space for a studio up here in Seattle.

Again, nothing is guaranteed and there are aspects of this deal which preclude anybody from coming out publicly until it is all signed sealed and delivered. So that is why they haven't been able to come to the community and be more open, leaving it to me to make vague comments like I have. smile Whether that is enough for you or not is an individual decision.

Father Bronin
Thanks for the update Lisa.
The update is appreciated.
Very much so
Thanks Lisa
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I just hope PFO is able to become the game I've been dying to play. I may not be the person still logging in every day for hours at a time, but I've kept my sub up for most of the time, excluding a low month i had when faith was temporarily lost.
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