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Pathfinder Online Investment Update

Paddy Fitzpatrick

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There's already a pony guild that has tried the game, but they galloped away to Ark and WoW after the layoffs.

"It's all about the mounts".
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Really hope this investor comes through.

I haven't played hardly any in the last few months mainly because there was nothing really to do. Mundane Monster encounters and boring PvP kept me from logging in. The 1st Kickstarter attracted me because it was going to be a Pathfinder MMO. The 2nd Kickstarter attracted me for a few reasons but the main one was that PFO was being sold as a Sandbox game with Themepark elements. Unfortunately to this date, there are no Themepark elements and the Sandbox is just bland. With a new team, I would not be opposed to a situation where the game is shutdown for a few months for the new devs to rebuild the game with old elements that worked and new elements that hopefully work as well, even if it includes a character wipe. Though characters in the new game by those still around should be allow a to keep their XP and respec' their characters for feats/etc…
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Yeah, I log in every week or so and spend my xp, make a few things needed to get to the next level of crafting and log out. Waiting on EE11. That will pull me in for the rest of the year.
Crafting! Gathering! Monster Killing! Exploring! Politicking! That's us in a nutshell! Ranged Attackers, crafters and gatherers come join the Holy Magicks company based out of High Road. Our main motto is "Death Thru Superior Fire Powers!"
This is outstanding news Lisa. Good luck and best wishes with the negotiations!
Would love to have a game worth playing to come back to. If it brings back all of my friends and enemies who have quit over the months all the better.

I share you sentiment, and that of others in "wait and see mode". Not only does the survival of this game depend on any announcement of investors after thanksgiving (we hope), but what the new Not-Goblinworks team says about their vision of the game (starting from the vison in the "old blogs" and Kickstarter up to their goals and intentions), who their intended target audience is on the PVE to PVP sandbox spectrum, and if there is going to be a global reset or wipe (or not); amongst other things. All we can do for now is wait, hope, pray, and stab elsewhere…
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It's difficult to invest time in PFO right now, which there's this looming threat that the investment would be in vain. But you do bring up a good subject that's worthy of its own discussion: What would the "New Goblins" do with the game? Lisa mentioned the design "document" that was ratified at the beginning of the project, and that this "document" was the golden rule for the game. But based on what we've seen with the current team over this past year, that document seems to be up to interpretation in terms of priorities, and other areas of administration. And who knows how vague it is, apart from those who've seen it.

Y'know, I think I'll start a new thread about that "document"…
The Eternal Balance
Ok, time for some news or an update. Silence is no good.
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The Eternal Balance
Ok, time for some news or an update. Silence is no good.

In this instance, no news is bad news
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