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EE11 Testing: Easy Kills for Achievements Noon PST Sunday 11/15/2015

I'll be online tomorrow at noon PST. At that time, I can teleport up to 5 players to me, we can party up, and then I can kill an endless stream of mobs while everyone's in range so that you'll get a bunch of kill credits. You should also get a bunch of loot, probably too much to carry. I can teleport everyone back to your banks afterward so you can deposit everything. Hopefully this will get some of you the ability to train up to higher levels so you can fight some tougher monsters, perhaps even some Dark Elves.

Keep an eye on general chat around noon PST to join in.
I'm online now, so join in if you need achievements.

Looks like I can also provide experience points for those of you starting out new characters, so let me know if any of you need that as well. We do need to meet up in-game for the command to work.
And done with this for today.
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