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EE11 Testing: Free Experience and Easy Kills for Achievements 3PM PST Tuesday 11/17/2015

I'll be online today at 3PM PST. At that time, I can teleport up to 5 players to me at a time, we can party up, and then I can kill an endless stream of mobs while everyone's in range so that you'll get a bunch of kill credits. You should also get a bunch of loot, probably too much to carry. I can teleport everyone back to your banks afterward so you can deposit everything. I can also give you ridiculous amounts of experience at that time. Hopefully this will get some of you the ability to train up to higher levels so you can fight some tougher monsters, perhaps even some Dark Elves.

Keep an eye on general chat around 3PM PST to join in.
Seith of Coedwig
Can't be there. Please, all, consider dropping your unneeded recipes in the settlement vault. Good luck.
I'm online now, speak up in general chat if you're looking for experience or easy kills.
And done for now. Will hopefully be able to set up a time to hit the Dark Elves again tomorrow.
Thanks Bob! What timeish are you looking to do the dark elves tomorrow?

Just got on to grind some more cheevs for a little bit to try and hit the T2 gates for some attacks while my crafting is doing its thing.

Apart from known bugs (greyed out escalation quests and achievement tabs), the bank door in Goblinville looking like it has brick overlaid the wooden door and weird bank/inventory alphabetised ordering (which isn't really alphabetised at times)… I haven't encountered any major bugs that have impeded my actions and activity. That said, I haven't really done a lot and am still working on gates to T2 as well as a lot of crafting gates.

One strange surprise was how I had 17 INT… I did have 3 features to 5 or 6 and some knowledge skills to ~7-12ish, but nothing else significant that should have seen me at 17 INT (very few spells, maybe 2 and only a handful of cantrips at level 2). Very hard to understand that with only ~31 arcane points.

Still not sure how to best send in bugs, but I will prolly just put them in posts on this test server forum until someone shows me a better way. I will probably use the in-game bug report as the first place of contact, but also will need to put bugs/strange behaviour here in the forum so that other testers can comment on points of interest as well.

Enjoying the new content and being able to actually test things on the test server is a wonderous thing ;-)

- Jasc
Caldeathe Baequiannia
and weird bank/inventory alphabetised ordering (which isn't really alphabetised at times)…
This is not new on Test, it's been true on occasion for anyone with a very large vault list (quantity of each is irrelevant, it's the number of entries.). I think it's when you scroll, or change the sort order before the entire list has transferred from the server. For big vaults, try resorting it after a minute, or switch to another vault that has little in it (like settlement upkeep) and sort there, then go back.
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