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EE11a on Zog

A new version of EE11 is now live on Zog. This version fixes several issues found during the testing of EE11 on Zog.

  • Alignment fixes to the player settlements so the retaining walls work better with the terrain, along with multiple other fixes to the settlement layouts (e.g. tree and rock placements, removal of excess encounter locations).
  • The Bank, Tavern and Keep in the player settlements are now visible on the map.
  • The Fighter College in the NPC settlements is now at the correct height.
  • Multiple art issues are fixed in Thornkeep.
  • To better match the pacing of the altered Bonedancers, Razmiran Cultists and Skeletal Uprising escalations (getting tougher as their strength drops), most of the events for those escalations have had their target numbers dropped so that they can be completed more quickly. The number of skeletons present with the Bonedancer Win Boss was also increased to make it more likely that some higher-level skeletons will spawn.
  • Characters no longer get stuck inside one of the Thieves Guild buildings. Multiple other props and buildings had their collision volumes corrected.
  • All leaders in a settlement can now tear down settlement structures, not just the leader who built the structure.
  • The range for clicking on doors and toolboxes at settlement structures was increased by 5m.
  • Lab structures now have a toolbox.
  • Multiple graphics fixes for plants.
  • The Guild House sign no longer floats.
  • Cathedral sign no longer spelled Chathedral. Sign was also moved to front-center of the plot.
  • Shutdown Geologist structures are now visible.
  • Unique encounter locations (e.g. the Emerald Spire) are all mapped properly to the new ground levels.

We still have a couple more fixes we'd like to add, and hope to get them implemented today, then live on Zog tomorrow (Friday, 11/20).
Wow, Bob, you guys have been busy on this. Excellent work.
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