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Keeper's Pass Revisited

The Keepers Pass Temple of Sarenrae and Seminary are now both at +5 and offering training to level 20.
Mercenary monster hunter from Forgeholm
War priest of Angradd… patiently waiting on Goblinworks to deliver him (and greataxes, Dwarves need 2 handed axes).
Keeper's Pass Spellwright structure upgraded to +5 and offering training to level 20.
Only 3 buildings still at +4 (Cooperative, Auction House and Library).
- Wandering gatherer (NightmareSr#2669 on discord)
Well done!
The new +5 Cooperative has now been placed and the +5 Library is ready to drop on the queue.
The Auction House in Keeper's Pass is not +5, making all structures now upgraded to +5.
- Wandering gatherer (NightmareSr#2669 on discord)
Congrats, hope you got the resources to keep running everything that high.
Congrats, hope you got the resources to keep running everything that high.

Well technically we are not ALL +5 as our gardens, statues, wells etc are still at +0. We still make a slight profit on all bulk types with the main settlement at all +5 and are running it that way at the moment, however there is nothing to stop us winding buildings with less demand like the library back a bit if we want to save bulk. Being all +5 gives us the option of running all +5 but we always have the option of running some of the buildings below the maximum if the need arises.

Currently Keepers Pass has an Auction House and all refining, all crafting, temple, seminary, rogue, skirmisher, freehold/expert and library trainers at +5:

+5 Keep
+5 Auction House
+5 Guild House
+5 Temple of Sarenrae
+5 Seminary
+5 Lab
+5 Smith
+5 Spellwright
+5 Co-operative
+5 Jeweller
+5 Tailor
+5 Library
+5 (all current refiners)
Well Keeper's Pass does have 36 holdings compared to Talonguard's 16 holdings.
You are a Troll
Nice. Glad you finally made it to +5 smile
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